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16th May 08, 05:53 AM
This week/month/whenever product review is a half empty bottle of Polo Sport cologne that originally belonged to my younger brother, that I stole from him. At first I was reluctant to use the cologne, as it was called "Polo Sport", and anything involved with sports I would usually despise. This was soon put to rest after I had the opportunity to sample the scent, which was remarkably appealing, and would no doubt cause women to be attracted to me. So the next day I went to school, sporting my new cologne. At first it seemed to not have an effect, until I sat down next to my nerdy female friend Rachel. She was absolutely captivated by my alluring aroma. The cornute dilation of her nipples were a testament to this. Before I knew it, the smell of my cologne was now being overtaken by the sweet smell of sex, as me and Rachel had met up in a closet in the gymnasium's locker room. I threw her down on the tile floor and we began to hump like a couple of cows in heat. Took me about 20 minutes. She let me ejaculate on her breasts. Anyway, back to the cologne. It came in a very nice-looking translucent blue bottle, which was a plus. All in all, I think it deserves a perfect 10. Great product.*

*note: Not really I hate colognes. I think they were created to let the blind know who's an asshole.

16th May 08, 10:09 AM
you definitely need to get laid IRL.

stop releasing your sexual tension on Sociocide.

nice review, btw.

16th May 08, 11:28 AM
Cologne sucks.

16th May 08, 01:51 PM
Cheap cologne sucks.

Expensive cologne makes girls touch my peepee.

16th May 08, 01:56 PM
Women like it. I like women. I wear cologne. When you two get an ounce of class then ICY can stop dating underage women and Sarcastro can lose his virginity.

16th May 08, 05:05 PM
If it's good enough for Bruce Campbell it's good enough for me.



16th May 08, 07:27 PM
Good cologne + good aftershave = hot, ravenous carnivore sex.

16th May 08, 07:41 PM
If you're lazy, 1/2 soy sauce and 1/2 red wine vinegar

Does this work on Asian chicks?

16th May 08, 07:45 PM
Does this work on Asian chicks?

Did you carry that quote all the way from the other thread all by yourself? Here, pull up a chair, you must be exhausted. And having been around hordes Asian chicks all my life without ever having borked one, I have no idea.

8th June 08, 01:03 PM
I use this cologne. My wife likes it. I usually forget to put it on.

8th June 08, 03:48 PM
Armani Mania or Polo Black. The former has been quoted to have the power to "melt women's brains."

It's hard to find good unique scents in the U.S. Most of the crap marketed here all smells the same.

8th June 08, 03:54 PM
I stopped using it in my late teens. I never noticed any difference.

Dark Helmet
8th June 08, 04:29 PM
I use only Biotherm aftershave most of the time.I prefer Stetson aftershave .'cause after a long day building up my cattle fence.It keeps de women wet between the legs.

Right now the thing I like the most is my bottle of John Varvatos.

8th June 08, 04:52 PM
I stopped using it in my late teens. I never noticed any difference.

This is because you live at home with your mom.

8th June 08, 04:55 PM
And did he manage to convince her to let him stay until he was in his thirties, hmmm?

Polo, Baby!