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Robot Jesus
7th May 08, 01:41 AM
anyone have a sauce that is superior to tobasco and butter?

Anyone have any sugetions for cooking them? Deep frying is good but requires too much attention and makes a mess. bbq works but is not crispy.

And why do hot sauce companies market wing sauces that are inferior to their standard sauce?

7th May 08, 01:57 AM





Has to be hot salsa (I usually add extras, like cayenne pepper or one of my many extra hot bottled sauces. Of course you can use light bleu cheese dressing too).

Good for chips, too.

Basically, a 1:4 or 1:3 combo (one being the bleu cheese).

7th May 08, 03:37 AM
Dave's "world famous" honey garlic wings:
Dice two or three cloves of garlic.
take a little butter and saute a couple of chilli peppers, remove, then saute garlic.
Add a dash of soy sauce and a generous amount of honey.
wait until honey liquifies a bit then dump in (cooked) chicken wings. Lightly coat wings. Top with green onions and serve.

Siracha and mayo spicy wings.
fry wings then lightly coat with the mayo-pepper sauce. tastes like BW3's.

i got a mustard wing recipe, but I have to look up my proportions later.

7th May 08, 03:49 AM
Duh, by your first question I thought dipping sauce. My bad now that I look back.

Robot Jesus
7th May 08, 07:54 AM
your idea sounded interesting, but seemed a little strange for a coating.

although I've used Caesar dressing and jerk sauce together to good effect.

Commodore Pipes
7th May 08, 08:32 AM
anyone have a sauce that is superior to tobasco and butter?

Yeah. Frank's and butter.

7th May 08, 11:13 AM

Commodore Pipes
7th May 08, 11:15 AM
What? Frank's RedHot beats Tabasco up and down the block. What's gross about that?

7th May 08, 11:31 AM
Wings covered in any sauce is gross and bleu cheese or ranch is just disgusting period.

I'm not a big fan of messy foods, or things that covered in a specific flavour ad nauseum.

Robot Jesus
7th May 08, 12:31 PM
What? Frank's RedHot beats Tabasco up and down the block. What's gross about that?

its not hot enough and is too "flavorful". too salty, too pepperish, but most importantly it's not hot enough. its like someone mixed capsaicin and ketchup.

tobasco has almost sufficient heat, a light pepper flavor as well as a salt/vinegar tangyness. i want to burn my tongue off while tasting chicken, not kill one flavor with the other.

7th May 08, 12:48 PM
If you want something hot, I can spray some Sabre on your food. 3.5m SHU should appease even most discerning connoisseurs of Indian and Thai food.

7th May 08, 02:05 PM
Not sure about the sauces just for the fact that I cant handle to many hot things, but we always use a crock pot, pretty easy and simple.

Robot Jesus
7th May 08, 03:15 PM
Wouldent that make it chicken stew?

7th May 08, 05:22 PM
I think he means for the sauce. Otherwise no, it would just be a cross between boiled, steamed and baked... all equally disgusting. A pressure cooker on the other hand would turn it into soup.

8th May 08, 06:10 AM
Whiskey, honey, dash of Tabasco.

10th May 08, 05:14 PM
from my first post on this, it has picture now, but too big to post here:


Robot Jesus
30th September 08, 02:07 PM
after month of experimentation I, from the future, will answer my own questions.

prep wings: place them on a drying rack of some sort in your fridge for a few hours. this is essential for crispiness.

heat thine oven to as hot as the bitch will go, mine only goes to 260C so i haven't experimented past that.

cook until crispy, there is more than enough fat in the wing for it to fry in it's own juices. flip once

melt butter in microwave with one crushed clove of garlic. add some Louisiana hot sauce for thickness, more tobasco for tangyness, and one drop of Dave's insanity.

toss to combine serve with beer.

30th September 08, 02:20 PM
Move to NOM NOM folder?

Robot Jesus
30th September 08, 02:46 PM
would if i could,

30th September 08, 02:47 PM

30th September 08, 06:02 PM
buffalo wild wings spicy garlic sauce is the PIMPNESS!

Sun Wukong
30th September 08, 09:50 PM
What? Frank's RedHot beats Tabasco up and down the block. What's gross about that?

the two sauces are like apples and oranges. i must admit, Frank's is probably a lot better for wings though.

30th September 08, 10:14 PM
Minced garlic, soy sauce, honey. Mix together in bowl with Chicken wings, cook in oven on metal tray at 180 degrees celsius (don't know farenheit) for 20 mins.

Easy, cheap and delicious.

Robot Jesus
1st October 08, 02:09 PM
the two sauces are like apples and oranges. i must admit, Frank's is probably a lot better for wings though.

how so

1st October 08, 06:56 PM
Why not jerk it


this is the best ready to make Jerk seasoning sauce around.

Sun Wukong
1st October 08, 07:33 PM
how so

Maybe I'm specifically thinking of Franks buffalo sauce, but as I recall the sauce is a lot thicker. has kind of a rich taste rather than just spicey and sour like Tabasco sauce.

Tabasco is a lot thinner than Franks and doesn't do wings well unless they are breaded. It tastes too concentrated and too tart without the flavor being spread around a bit more.

9th November 08, 10:42 PM
My space is ready...


I imerse my victims in the solution...


They buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurn...


Viola! Dead chickens ready to eat!


Robot Jesus
9th November 08, 11:26 PM
what breading do you use.

9th November 08, 11:52 PM
First time I've ever done this, every recipe I saw bugged me.... so I sort of just made it up.

Cleaned and dried the wings.

Coated them in egg and then rolled them in a mixture of flour, thyme, oregano, garlic, black pepper, crushed red peppers, and sea salt.

Heated up my big fat wok full of extra virgin olive oil, and dropped them in.

Only took a few minutes to each side, cooked through perfectly.

To be honest I'm amazed I didn't 1. burn them 2. under-cook them 3. start a fire or 4. all of the above.

Turned out at least as good as grocery store bought wings, and if I put soe work in I think I may just have found some more food I can make that other people can eat without fear.

10th November 08, 09:43 AM
Don't cook with extra virgin olive oil....

It's expensive and has a low smoke point; plus it's a waste of a oil that can be used to flavour other foods. Use a Canola or if you can procure some, peanut oil. Those have higher smoke points leading to less cook time and a better product.

10th November 08, 10:39 AM
I believe it: the kitchen filled with smoke extremely quickly. I had to franticly deploy fans and open windows to ensure the smoke detectors didn't go off.

Also, I did feel marginally retarded after pouring half a bottle of oil into that pan. Thankfully I used the cheap ass safeway brand and not my better stuff.

10th November 08, 11:46 AM
The issue with deep frying in a wok is the surface area. Most of the heat will go up through the large opening and out of the sides of the pan. That's why the make fryers narrow and deep.

If you like fried foods a bit, go pick up a fry-daddy. I believe they're about 30$ or so and you can fry almost anything in them, even beef. You can do some wild stuff like coat a cheap piece of beef in batter and inject it with melted cheese, spices and such prior to frying. Very delicious and will probably take 10 years off of your life.