View Full Version : Kentucky Derby Predicts the 2008 Presidential Race

Dagon Akujin
4th May 08, 03:02 PM
Who cares about horse races? Not me. But I found this story to be simply enthralling, probably because I hate Hillary Clinton.


Hillary was asking people to bet on the only girl horse in the Kentucky Derby, Eight Bells. She sent Chelsea to bet on the filly, and asked her supporters to do the same. Big Brown was the overall favorite to win the race. But it was the one lady-horse in the race full of man-horses that Clinton wanted to see win.

So what happened? And I'm only pointing this out because Killary Clinton was doing so before the race. What happened is that Big Brown (Barack Obama-Horse) ended up winning. And Eight Bells ran a good race and came in second.

Prophetic, isn't it?

Then Eight Bells broke both her ankles (cankles?) and had to be killed before it could even leave the track.

HA HA HA HA HA~~!!!!!1!!1! Suck it Hillary (http://ameriborn.com/news/?p=6).



P.S. This might be more "Ground Zero" or "CTC" than "Sports". So feel free.

Truculent Sheep
4th May 08, 08:50 PM
Most sports would be much improved if competitors lived under the threat of being shot and then turned into glue. Golf for example. Or cricket.

Dagon Akujin
5th May 08, 12:07 AM
Hey look, PETA wants to punish the guy who rode the horse to its death. (http://sports.yahoo.com/rah/news?slug=ap-peta-eightbelles&prov=ap&type=lgns)

But come on, hasn't Bill been punished enough?

Kein Haar
5th May 08, 07:45 AM
Thé démöcrätic nöminätion isn't fückijng över yåt??

Screw this. I'm moving to Holland.

5th May 08, 10:18 AM
Give my regards to Hirsi Ali.

Kein Haar
5th May 08, 10:44 AM

5th May 08, 10:49 AM
I wish I spoke Dutch. I'm like a second generation asian valley girl, longing for cultural fulfillment beyond the MTV's and diet sodas of Amerika. Poor horsie :(, but but maybe some stray dogs will get some free kibble! :)

5th May 08, 10:51 AM
Skip the Dutch, it's the 2nd ugliest language on the planet.