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2nd May 08, 11:13 PM
Not sure if this is in the right forum, but this shit needs to be known. Skip the following paragraph to get to the free swag.

I stumbled upon this little gem earlier today when I was looking to buy some import mp3's that I couldn't find through Limewire or various torrent sites. I noticed there was a bunch of shit about buying stuff with "pepsi points". Further inspection showed me that the pepsi points web site is shitty, such that you can get infinite pepsi points. This means that any thing that one can buy with pepsi points is, in fact, free. This includes movies, mp3's, cd's, a bunch of headphones, and if you're really red neck, some pepsi clothes.

The process goes as such:

Sign up for an amazon account.

Go to pepsistuff.com and set up their account (it uses your amazon account info)

Close browser.

Open a new instance of internet explorer, and go to pepsistuff.com

At the top of the page, in a red semi-circle, you will see "Get a free mp3!". Click it.

After you click it, it will ask for an email and some randomly generated numbers.

Entery anything into the email slot. I did [email protected] and it works. The site doesn't verify the emails, so really, put whatever the hell you want.

Copy down the code they give you.

Go back to pepsistuff.com, and click add points.

Type in the given code; you now have 5 free points.

Generally, mp3's are 5 points a pop. DVD's are 90 points, but they have some good season collections of shows I like (king of the hill, The Tick, etc.), so I plan to get some of that. Not to mention there's a spiffy pair of noise cancelling headphones for 170.

2nd May 08, 11:43 PM
If this is anything like those Microsoft games they'll catch it and stop prizes from being sent out anyway.

Never got my free 360.

2nd May 08, 11:53 PM
If you seriously can't find these shitty Top 40 mp3s for free you're a fucking retard. All the prizes suck.

3rd May 08, 01:01 AM
Go ahead and try finding metalmouse mp3's fucking anywhere. You can't, unless you like last.fm gayness which cuts you off after a certain amount of plays.

3rd May 08, 02:00 AM
Not my fault you can't use Google.