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27th April 08, 11:01 AM
Ben Stein on the Craig Fergusson Show.


I used to think this man was intelligent.


27th April 08, 11:20 AM
Enormous troll job or early stage mental illness. Or possibly he's just a hardline neoconservative trying to suck up to fundamentalist christians.

27th April 08, 11:21 AM
hardline neoconservative this^

27th April 08, 11:36 AM
Yeah, his bullshit about how the economy will never go into depression again, and his little spiel about the troops being the real stars, and his plea for a larger military; Ben Stein must have trouble talking with GWB's nuts nestled amongst his tonsils.

27th April 08, 11:37 AM
wait, what? how is evolution related to gravity? I must have skipped that class.

27th April 08, 11:45 AM
He's being a dick about anthropomorphic cosmology I think.

27th April 08, 12:19 PM
is he wearing tennis shoes with that suit

27th April 08, 01:30 PM
He's probably off his face during this. Pure garbage.

27th April 08, 01:40 PM
Craig is a fuckhead for not challenging Stein's idiotic claims.

27th April 08, 01:49 PM
If the universe was chaotic and unpredicatable, evolution would indeed be strange assumption to make about the universe.

If there was no underlying order to the universe, of course nothing could evolve.

The underlying order of the universe actually supports the idea of evolution, because it is a neccessary condition for the evolution of life.

This man is very sick, or stupid. Either way he should not be listened to and he should not command attention on the airwaves.

27th April 08, 01:55 PM
how the flagellum might have evolved


Aphid Jones
27th April 08, 02:25 PM
I sometimes wonder if these people are actually antitheists trolling the world to worsen religion's already creationistified reputation.

27th April 08, 04:18 PM
"Are there systems within the cell that go well beyond Darwinian Evolution?" Um...no, in fact that's a nonsequitur Ben. Are you possibly trying to ask if there are systems so complex that they couldn't possibly have evolved?

"I am finally just beginning to grasp the complexity of the cell." That's the real problem. Creationists are dabblers in Biology, to a man, and they're in that great stage of awe and wonder that we all should pass through when learning a new science. The problem is that stage trips them up so that they never buckle down and do the work of really LEARNING the science.

I have a brother who is a Young Earth Creationist. Throughout high school and college I used to try to debate with him, and finally after I got my degree in Biology and put a couple of years of work in the field under my belt I just told him, "You have a degree in Criminal Justice. You have no right to an opinion on this subject because you lack the background to evaluate claims about it." Maybe we should just get a petition together to tell all the pastors, politicians, meteorologists, electrical engineers, etc. who are creationism's pillars that until they bring us a few Ph.D. level geneticists or paleontologists who believe their garbage that they aren't worth the attention.

I'll probably have more to say on the video when I can get the rest of the thing to load, but my damned cellular modem keeps disconnecting me.

27th April 08, 04:21 PM

Is this "Why do People Laugh at Creationists?" thing a coherent series? I'm tempted to watch it all, and damn you for getting me back into this hobby when I was just hitting my stride trolling chunners on youtube.

27th April 08, 06:13 PM
MrGalt, it is indeed an ongoing series. This installment with Ben Stein is number 24; I haven't checked them all out but it looks like 1-23 are in the poster's youtube channel. (http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=Thunderf00t)

27th April 08, 07:40 PM
Oh, I knew it IS a series, I guess I was hoping for a review of whether it is some sort of cohesive whole or just a collection of rants related only by their subject material or if I have to watch them in order to appreciate the series. Looks like I shall have to be the person to make that judgment.

Aphid Jones
27th April 08, 07:42 PM
Can someone please beat the shit out of Ben Stein. Trolling RL in this manner is going to far.

27th April 08, 10:40 PM
I like the series, but the audio in it sucks and that guy's voice is like shoving broken glass in my ears. It needs to be redone.

28th April 08, 12:31 AM
Ben Stein's own initials say it all, BS.

28th April 08, 12:44 AM
troll job


30th April 08, 05:14 PM
early stage mental illness.

a hardline neoconservative

Same thing.