View Full Version : I don't care what you say, Jason Mraz is awesome.

24th April 08, 03:31 PM

Between Jason Mraz and Justin Timberlake, there's a huge tie between the gay music I listen to. Whatever super power they have, I want it.

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Some JT for you as well.

Fucking charming motherfuckers.

24th April 08, 03:39 PM
More JT.

More Jason Mraz.

24th April 08, 03:41 PM
i'll buy the JT, not so much with the Mraz.

24th April 08, 03:42 PM
Mraz is the geeky nerdy side of the spectrum. JT is the clubbin' bro side.

24th April 08, 11:51 PM
by sheer freak accident chance, I had listened to mraz yesterday. He's okay, but I found another artist while I was browsing, newton faulkner

25th April 08, 04:09 AM
Mraz attempted to sleep with an ex-girlfriend of mine at a get together. I am not a fan.

25th April 08, 03:04 PM
Mraz attempted to sleep with an ex-girlfriend of mine at a get together. I am not a fan.


25th April 08, 04:26 PM

25th April 08, 04:29 PM
That'll teach you to hang out with the cool kids.

25th April 08, 04:32 PM
He was just so corny with it and he did it right in front of me. The ex wasn't impressed either.

25th April 08, 08:35 PM
Hahahahahahahahaha. That made this whole thread worthwhile!

25th April 08, 08:40 PM
I knew this topic had come up before.


bad credit
25th April 08, 09:44 PM
Ya know, JT dates Jessica Biel, who was the sexiest woman in the world at one point. I could argue that she still is. He also dated Fergie and devirginized Britney Spears. One could theorize that the lack of his penis drove her to drink and madness.

So what can we learn from JT? Well, I guess I need to get my hair permed to look like a jewfro, then go back to a buzzcut. I also need to lose at least a 100 pounds, much of it muscle, start speaking ebonics, hang out with four other guys of indeterminite sexuality and then make a boy band. Then I can get the hottest women in the world. I should mention the dance lessons from MJ and the neutering to make my voice that high, but I won't. Well, I just did, but that's today's subgenius lesson in contradiction. But it also ISN'T.

26th April 08, 02:25 AM
Money and fame will make you the "sexiest man alive" in the eyes of pop culture, not actual talent.