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Kein Haar
18th April 08, 07:35 PM

18th April 08, 09:58 PM
In the hundreds of hours I spent playing Tecmo Bowl (the original, not that fancy shmancy Super Bowl bullshit), I never tried THAT. Raiders were my favorite team to play with.

19th April 08, 02:51 AM
what was that, over 300-some-odd yards? goddamn, Bo Jackson was awesome. what ever happened to that guy?

19th April 08, 03:45 AM
Life after sports

In 1993, Jackson was honored with the Tony Conigliaro Award. In 1995, he completed his bachelor of science degree at Auburn to fulfill the promise he made to his mother.[2]

Through the 1990s, Jackson dabbled in acting, having made several television guest appearances first on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in 1990 as well as Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and Married with Children. He later appeared in small roles in the films The Chamber and Fakin' Da Funk.

Jackson served as the President of the HealthSouth Sports Medicine Council, part of Birmingham, Alabama based HealthSouth Corporation. He was also spokesman for HealthSouth's "Go For It": Roadshow.

Jackson was given the honor of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch before Game Two of the 2005 World Series.

In 2006, Jackson appeared on the Spike TV sports reality show, Pros vs. Joes. In his second appearance, he easily defeated amateur athletes in a home run-hitting contest. When he bunted instead of swinging on his final try for a home run, the announcer stated, "Bo knows taunting."

In 2007 Bo came together with John Cangelosi to form Bo Jackson Elite Sports Complex, an 88,000 square foot multi-sports dome facility in Lockport, Illinois. He is part-owner and CEO of the facility.

Kein Haar
19th April 08, 04:17 AM
My dad met Bo Jackson once before he retired from the Sheriff's department. Apparently "Bo knows poaching". He (Bo) lives (or at least lived) in a gated community adjacent to some industrial/flood plain/forest preservy property, and there was a noteworthy buck which stalked the nearby woods.

Kein Haar
19th April 08, 04:22 AM
And I've done some ridiculous shit with Barry Sanders and Christian Akoye, but this takes the cake.

There's actually a clip of Akoye on youtube as well, but it's so ridiculous it seems doctored. I don't remember the defense literally bouncing off him while he was standing still (as was happening in the clip).

19th April 08, 01:06 PM
I saw (on TV!) Bo Jackson strike out, get pissed off, and break a bat over his knee.

THat was cool, 'cuz usually baseball sucks ass.

19th April 08, 03:32 PM
There is a reason why no one was allowed to choose the Raiders when we played this at my friend's house. And that is it.

30th April 08, 07:20 PM
I wish I could control the real players like I do with my XBOX

Kein Haar
1st May 08, 06:39 AM
Ya srsly.

2nd May 08, 02:18 PM
thats just a really funny video!