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14th April 08, 04:23 AM

Planning on building your own utopia? Fortress of solitude? You might like one of these.

A.I constructs are often a feature of science fiction, sometimes 'strong A.I' (conscious machines) or 'weak A.I' - imagine the ultimate version of voice recognition software, plus a huge database of information available to rebroadcast etc.

Personally, I wonder what the cost of the set-up is, how much power it consumes and the lifespan of such a setup. I think holograms like this would be amazing educational tools. Combined with modern day computer storage, I would be willing to expect that hundreds of thousands of hours of holographic material could be cheaply stored and some sort of user interface added (control board, or a device that detects gestures, verbal commands, etc).

Although maybe you would have the sense not to combine a schindlers list theme song with a picture of kate moss and then reveal it to the world at a fashion show, well... Would you?

Yiktin Voxbane
14th April 08, 08:44 AM
Mind-boggling .