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10th April 08, 08:25 AM
LoL, www.menarebetterthanwomen.com (http://www.menarebetterthanwomen.com)


The guy calls himself "Dick Masterson", brilliant troll is brilliant.

Aphid Jones
10th April 08, 08:42 AM
Gotta admit, he doesn't submit to peer pressure when on Dr. Phil.

He's a guy, though, so it makes sense.

10th April 08, 09:00 AM
Ironically, I think that guy probably gets a decent amount of ass per year. Not paid for.

10th April 08, 09:31 AM
Women can’t park for shit. Have you ever watched a woman park? It hurts me in my balls. As a man I have these things called testicles and they fucking hurt when I have to watch a woman drive a 60,000 dollar something in between two other 60,000 dollar something’s. I can’t explain it. Science can’t explain it either because gonads are more scientifically advanced than anything that has ever been. I’m just telling you what hurts and where.


10th April 08, 09:54 AM
Next thing you know Dr. Phil will have Stile on to discuss his Project.

10th April 08, 10:09 AM
Dr. Phil may be proof Men>Women.

krazy kaju
10th April 08, 02:39 PM
He totally pwned that stupid bitch at the end.

I love how she had to lie that she didn't hear him.

10th April 08, 04:06 PM
He's brilliant, and Dr. Phil will probably kill the producer that got him on. Awesomest troll job ever.

11th April 08, 06:06 AM
I've actually had a very experienced lawyer give me a long spiel about the 'women just don't make good lawyers - period' subject.

Kein Haar
11th April 08, 07:45 AM
He totally pwned that stupid bitch at the end.

I love how she had to lie that she didn't hear him.


Look at her eyes roll around like she just caught one on the chin. She PHYSICALLY reacts to the pwnage.

12th April 08, 06:40 PM
That site is lulz worthy.

12th April 08, 09:29 PM
Looking at that site...how could Docter phils people NOT see it as a troll job?

The guy does not take the stuff he writes seriously, anyone can feel that reading his site.

It' hilarious.

EDIT: Yeah his FAQ says it's serious, but so does Maddox's and...well you know.