View Full Version : Starship Troopers 3: Marauder (2008) Official Trailer

Dark Helmet
30th March 08, 12:20 AM
Nothing to say about this I guess.


Blalock is in this movie and she looks hot in a uniform.

30th March 08, 12:43 AM
Where the hell was Starship Troopers 2?



30th March 08, 01:41 AM
it looks like they tried too hard to recapture the feel of the first movie.

30th March 08, 01:46 AM

At least it doesn't seem to pretend it isn't cheesy like 2. The first one was horrifically bad.

30th March 08, 04:55 AM
The movie was awesome, the book was better. The first one was awesome FOR its cheesiness.

30th March 08, 06:10 AM
The movie was awesome because it started from the premise that the book was ridiculous.

30th March 08, 06:39 AM
The first one was awesome. No further riscussion is necessary on that.

This one looks stupid like the second one. I don't think they are even trying. Why the fuck can't they do it properly?

Sun Wukong
30th March 08, 06:57 AM
Jolene Blalock is in it.

30th March 08, 07:29 AM
Why would you build trenches as a defensive measure against giant bugs?

30th March 08, 09:24 AM
Why do they keep making shitty sequels instead of making a real movie?

Dark Helmet
30th March 08, 09:32 AM
Why would you build trenches as a defensive measure against giant bugs?
I don't know. Why land on the planet in the first place. In the trailer you actually see a Planet-killer bomb being launched. Wouldn’t that be a cheap, in-expensive way of fighting a space war without wasting your resources on building more nifty ships.

30th March 08, 09:47 AM
bombs cost money, the dead cost nothing.

bad credit
31st March 08, 02:18 AM
The book was ok, the movie shit. Where were the Skinnies? Or, ya know, the FUCKING ROBOT ARMOR SUITS THAT ARE THE WHOLE GAWDAMNED FUCKING POINT! Ok, maybe they weren't the point, but then where was the survival training and all that? Ugh.

Failing suits, why don't we have kickass hovertanks or just plain tanks in the future? Infantry? Really?

31st March 08, 02:26 AM
The book was pretty good, IMO.

The omission of the suits was really a bad idea for the movie.

31st March 08, 04:25 AM
Verhoeven specifically said he omitted the suits because he'd already been there with Robocop if I recall correctly.

1st April 08, 05:35 AM
Dude, those guys just need some fucking bugbait and they'd clear their antlion problem right up.