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17th March 08, 06:25 AM
I could ignore How The Grinch Stole Christmas until it happened to be on TV, and I can pride myself on never having seen The Cat in The Hat, but I couldn't pass up seeing Horton. So I downloaded it.

If you're behind on your Seussian mythology, HHaW! is about an elephant trying to protect life on a speck because, after all, a person's a person no matter how small. For his efforts he is ostracized by the jungle's conservative busy-body soccer mom, a kangaroo (what), who turns all of the jungle against Horton with a McCarthyesque spiel about how Horton talking to a flower is endangering their community by encouraging people to use their imaginations.

Horton is like the good 3D movie kid that has to act tough around all the bad 3D movie kids, and that's what drags it down. It's a fine film when it sticks to Dr. Seuss' material, and the additional subplot of the mayor and his silent, emo son Jojo;

while really only there to turn a short children's book into a feature film, is very well executed. The art is decently, uhm, Seussical, with plenty of wacky Who gizmos and lopsided mountains and buildings.


When HHaW! sticks to Seuss' material, it is very good, but it's just not content to let that be, and forces all the same bad jokes in every other 3D cartoon. Hot on the heels of a classical Seussism, "An elephant's faithful, 100%", complete with inspirational music, Jim Carey tacks on "That's my code. My mot-to." No, fuck you Carey. Why, they even saw it fit to dig up that old "Is this Bert? From accounting?" (was that ever funny?) joke, twice.

And to make sure every member of the audience has a genuine face-palming moment we once again revisit Apocalypse Now's classic napalm clunker, puttering through the movie like an old Pinto.

It's an alright movie, but it tries to be like far, far worse movies, perhaps thinking the adults in the audience will appreciate jokes that were old when they were little. It's worthwhile, but you'll roll your eyes at it more than once.

17th March 08, 11:59 AM
Why do you still watch cartoons?

17th March 08, 12:57 PM
Because he doesn't want to grow up to be like you.

Or maybe just doesn't want to grow up. Either way, I'm with him.

17th March 08, 03:27 PM
Same. I love Dr. Seuss.

17th March 08, 05:36 PM
Same. I love Dr. Seuss.

Nevermind. I hate the movie now.

17th March 08, 05:44 PM
I haven't seen the movie, dillhole, you have to give up your love for Dr. Seuss if you want to truly spite me. Do you have the willpower?

17th March 08, 06:11 PM
How about you stop liking Dr. Seuss and we'll call it even?

17th March 08, 07:53 PM
I love and hate dr.Suess.

I don't think i spelled that right.

Oh well.

18th March 08, 03:27 AM
MJS...this is probably your worst thread, IMO.

18th March 08, 03:28 AM
And also my most constructive.

18th March 08, 03:39 AM
Would a 2 year old like it?The movie, not the thread.

18th March 08, 04:08 AM
There's talking animals, so probably.

18th March 08, 04:18 AM
Is there plenty of that quirky Dr Seuss rhyming dialogue? He loves that shit.

18th March 08, 04:25 AM
A bit, including a narrator that takes his lines straight from the book.

18th March 08, 04:37 AM
How about you stop liking Dr. Seuss and we'll call it even?


18th March 08, 05:47 AM
Dr. Seuss' stuff was NOT meant to be made into full length movies. They're complete works on their own.

The Grinch and The Lorax worked when animators stayed with the script. Hollywood really should leave some things alone. Especially when they include Jim Carrey. Ugh. The only thing that could have made this worse was if they added Will Farrell.

18th March 08, 09:39 AM
Agreed. How do you make a full length feature out of the mescaline fuelled fantasies of a children's book writer? Why would you want to?

I have yet to see an entire Seuss movie.

3rd April 08, 07:52 AM
So I heard a review of Horton on NPR today. The reviewer's only complaint was that the added subplot was misogynistic because only the mayor's relationship with his son was important enough to focus on.

3rd April 08, 08:44 AM
Feminists needs to die.

3rd April 08, 09:17 AM
he used that one point to dismiss the entire movie, not realizing that the mayor already had healthy relationships with all of his other children

what a prissy bitch

3rd April 08, 06:18 PM
Dr Seuss used to do cartoons for Playboy.

3rd April 08, 06:24 PM
Dr Seuss used to do cartoons for Playboy.

I think you're thinking of Shel Silverstein, not Dr. Seuss.

4th April 08, 05:08 PM
Seuss too, I think.

5th April 08, 08:16 PM
Gives this classic a whole other meaning, don't it?


29th April 08, 05:46 AM
Apparently Seuss did a lot of political cartoons, too. A girl at my College once brought it in- Hitler in Seuss style was a rather interesting sight.