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Artful Dentures
16th March 08, 11:19 PM
List your top 5 with vids -- MJS if you want to choose Jazz composers that's fine just don't make it into a big pointless history lesson

5) Araon Copland


His distinctive music sounds like America. He also was one of the granddaddy's of influence for modern cinema film scoring

4) Tied - Yes I am cheating having a tie

Henry Mancini


Ennio Morricone

From the Mission


3) Danny Elfman - He's been copied by so many that people forget how goddamn good he is. Thank God OingoBoingo was never a big hit and he went into film composition

Beetle Juice


2) John Williams - corny.. maybe, but his music sticks in your mind and sounds like the movies he wrote it for.

Indian Jones Bitches!


1) Basil Poledouris. To me he combined all the best of those who went before him and brought it to a perfect level.

Now Conan would be the obvious popular choice, but I find his theme for Lonsome Dove to be the best example of the man in all his brilliance. It shows subtlety, patience and beauty a GREAT piece of music.


Ah fuck it here's Music from Conan The Barbarian as well. It Rocks!


17th March 08, 12:36 AM
Video game composers > movie composers.

17th March 08, 04:10 AM

17th March 08, 04:37 AM
Video game composers > movie composers.


18th March 08, 09:26 AM
Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man




Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- Amadeus

Elliot Goldenthal- Titus


Artful Dentures
20th March 08, 05:06 PM
Arggh I forgot John Barry

What would James Bond be with out John Barry's Music


21st March 08, 06:27 PM
John Williams.... corny.... please, kill yourself now.

Here's the list:

#5 I still haven't seen this movie and the music makes me all weepy.


#4 Even with movies that suck, JW does superior work.


#3 Just cause we're posting music doesn't mean it has to be over a blank screen


#2 Don't tell me you don't think you can fly when you hear this.


#1 That's right.


Wait, what's that? Yo0u want me to throw a bone to some other lesser composers? Ok, here's the 2nd best film composer of all time.


Yeah, you heard me!

Artful Dentures
21st March 08, 09:44 PM
Maybe corny isn't the best word to describe John Williams. I like him a lot and his music has been perfect for his movies. However subtle he isn't

Artful Dentures
21st March 08, 09:53 PM
Honorible mention also to Trevor Jones and this gem from Last of the Mohicans


22nd March 08, 02:17 AM
I would say "iconic", but hey, whatever.

"Subtlty" in film scoring is just another way to say "can't come up with original and compelling melodies/rythms/hooks/etc".

Artful Dentures
22nd March 08, 08:41 AM
I would say "iconic", but hey, whatever.

"Subtlty" in film scoring is just another way to say "can't come up with original and compelling melodies/rythms/hooks/etc".

Now you're being silly.

Williams isn't subtle, his scores can each be defined by one or two words. Superman - heroic and soaring. Jaws- menacing and threatening. Indiana Jones -adventurous and plucky. His music starts off each time exactly at the precise tone he wants, stays there and ends there.

This is not a criticism, it's whats needed and takes a lot of skill but it is what it is.

But listen to Basil Poledouris Lonsome Dove soundtrack. It starts off small, grows in grandeur, comes down a bit then crescendos and ends sweetly, bringing a varied emotional scope and range throughout, while still doing the job of "telling a story"

Basil comes up with compelling hooks and melodies that surprise and go in unexpected directions, while all the time serving the unique purpose and tone off each movie. It's why I list him number one.

Again music is subjective so really impossible to argue but there you go...