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13th March 08, 03:25 PM
About time for something new from the maker of Kung Fu Hustle:


dir. Stephen Chow

Chow's last film, Kung Fu Hustle, took a kung-fu movie and mashed it with a Chuck Jones cartoon, creating one of the more bizarre mainstream movies in recent memory. CJ7 is Chow's take on E.T., and it's also deeply weird, but for entirely different reasons. Chow stars as Ti, a construction worker who barely provides for his son, Dicky (charismatically played, without any gender-bending winks, by young actress Xu Jiao). Ti finds a green globe in a junkyard and gives it to Dicky to play with, and, in true boy-and-his-monster movie fashion, the globe transforms into a space pet.

Dicky gives it the robotic-sounding name CJ7, but the computer-generated beast is one of the cutest movie creatures since Gremlins' mogwai. With its fuzzy brown head and balloon-animal green body, you can imagine young children would hug the little monster to itty-bitty pieces. And so Chow, sadistically, spends a good portion of the movie torturing CJ7: It gets twisted, beaten, nearly drowned, and attacked with various construction implements. It always bounces backóChow makes live-action cartoons, after allóbut the thing's tormented squeals drastically change the timbre of the movie.

In addition to the Li'l Abu Gwaib sequences, there are a few cartoonish kung-fu battles tossed into the film as a bone for Chow's fan base. The father-son relationship is clearly supposed to be the movie's core. American children, though, may not be ready for this kind of relationship: Ti spanks Dicky and locks him in a closet when he refuses to behave. With all the pain and death sprinkled through CJ7, it's unclear who the target audience is supposed to be, but there are plenty of uncomfortable laughs for adults who are in the mood for a Mac and Me Go to Hostel kind of movie. PAUL CONSTANT


I'm going to try and see this this weekend, mother's brain allowing.

Sun Wukong
13th March 08, 03:38 PM
it's a kids movie. it's one of chow's attempts to go more mainstream and draw a bigger audience.

13th March 08, 03:52 PM
So you're saying you're not going to see it?

14th March 08, 06:31 AM
Is it just me, or did he completely parody and pwn 'litte miss sunshine'

boondock lee
14th March 08, 12:47 PM
Its going to be a family film, nothing wrong with that. Stephen chow is known for his parody references, anyone catch the kung fu hustle and MI2 references?

14th March 08, 02:00 PM
If Stephen Chow made a porno I'd go see it.

Sun Wukong
14th March 08, 04:45 PM
So you're saying you're not going to see it?

I won't have a choice. I'll probably even buy the DVD. I have a complete Stephen Chow anthology. Well, of his leading roles that is; I don't have all the movies from when he used to play nothing but extra's and I don't have any of the movies he produced but didn't star in.