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4th March 08, 04:30 AM
Tron 2 Set For 2011

http://www.cinemablend.com/images/news_img/8031/8031.jpgDisney has been busy post-strike. Dark Horizons reports that they’re lining up a whole slew of new sequels to popular franchises. For awhile it seemed like the merger of Pixar with Disney might bring on a whole new era of creativity, but it looks like Disney is sticking with going back to the well. The good news here is that at least they aren’t direct-to-DVD sequels. John Lasseter put the kybosh on those. Instead we’re talking major theatrical releases.

Most of the movies on their list are no surprise. National Treasure 3 was pretty much already a foregone conclusion, and the Pirates franchise made too much money for them not to do another one of those. In fact months ago we had word for you here on whether Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was happening and what it might be about. And while Cars may have been Pixar’s least successful film in recent years, it was still wildly successful compared to just about anything else Disney has done. It’s no real surprise to hear they’re now targeting a Cars 2 as well.

However, what is surprising and exciting is the news that the long rumored sequel to Tron is actually ready to go. As recently as December here (http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Jeff-Bridges-Is-Considering-Tron-2-Next-Month-7129.html), Jeff Bridges admitted that he was looking at the project to decide if he’d be involved and we knew Disney was pushing to get this thing together. Now it sounds like it’s really happening. DH says Tron 2 is slated for release in Disney Digital 3D some time in the Spring of 2011. No word yet on whether Bridges or any of the original film’s cast will be involved, but Joseph Kosinski is rumored to be in line to direct.


Link. (http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Tron-2-Set-For-2011-8031.html)

First time that I've heard of a film that I would buy tickets for 3 years in advance.

4th March 08, 07:23 AM
Oh, snap! I gotta go fish out my glow in the dark frisbee now.

4th March 08, 01:53 PM
Man, I could show them something for a tron movie...a disenfranchised Flynn in a post 9-11 infosphere has so much potential to be an excellent goddamn movie . . . no matter how good it is, it probably can't live up to what I'm imagining.

4th March 08, 03:00 PM
That's the problem, right there. The movie will have to be un fucking believeable just for me not to hate it. The writer better be awesome.

Yiktin Voxbane
4th March 08, 03:44 PM
This was one of the movies that helped shape a teenaged me .

How can they NOT fuck it up ?

/Weep .

4th March 08, 03:59 PM
LOL. I predict that it will take alot of CGI to get that fat fucker Bridges back into the neon suit.

4th March 08, 06:11 PM
God I hope this kicks ass.

If this goes the way of " I am legend", i might just give up on life all together.

4th March 08, 06:32 PM
I hope this is good, i saw it on T.V. once, it was fun...thought it looked good for the time.