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23rd February 08, 01:54 AM
Yes, I don't believe it either.

What is the Smurf movie?

The Smurf movie is a brand new Smurf film that will be released in movie theaters worldwide. The movie will be produced by Kerner Entertainment and distributed under Paramount Pictures's Nickelodeon Movies banner. The Smurfs will be a 3-D CGI movie, completely rendered in three dimensions using computers - unlike the original Smurfs cartoon show, which is 2D. The movie is planned to be released in three parts - as a trilogy.

When will the Smurf movie be released?

The new Smurf movie will be released on November 28 2008, to correspond with the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Smurfs. Yes indeed, Pierre Culliford - Peyo - started the Smurfs comic way back in 1958!

Link. (http://bluebuddies.com/smurf_movie.htm)

Just randomly found this out listening to this NPR link (http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=19227456) (you won't see the movie mentioned there, you'll have to listen to the radio story) due to another thread of mine.

Seriously, a movie??? And not only that, a TRILOGY?????? This is ridiculous. The only thing kids know about the smurfs these days is how Papa Smurf bangs Smurfette to make baby smurfs (or insert your own lulz).

Growing up, I used to like the show. Then I turned 5 and loved He Man instead.

23rd February 08, 01:59 AM
I remember watching the show. But that was like 15 or so years ago. Kids these days don't know what Smurfs are. Very bad move.

23rd February 08, 02:11 AM
Well, Nickelodeon is involved....

Was a good channel when I was a kid, but has gone the way of MTV.

23rd February 08, 02:13 AM
Oh definitely. So has Disney Channel. Cartoon Network is bound by its name to stick to cartoons, but they are making them extra shitty to compensate.

23rd February 08, 03:26 AM
Cue knock-off Smurfette anime porn.

23rd February 08, 03:59 AM
already there

23rd February 08, 04:00 AM
already there. (no I'm not going to post it YOU PERVERTS!!)

23rd February 08, 05:13 AM
Indeed, even rule 34 is old talking about this.

23rd February 08, 06:07 AM
already there. (no I'm not going to post it YOU PERVERTS!!)

So, not only are you also a pervert, but you're a porn hogging pervert...

You bastard.

Also, SMURF movie!!! Well, my mother thinks we should go see it, because apparently they were cool back in the day. But seriously... Who gave them this idea?!

I never watched it myself. (Yep, i'm calling you all old ;P )

Sun Wukong
23rd February 08, 07:13 AM
no, the smurfs were never cool. even when i was in the key demographic.

The transformers were cool. GI Joe was cool. Silverhawks and Thundercats were cool. Smurfs were... not that fun.... Gargamel was totally fucking that cat too.

23rd February 08, 08:04 AM
Gargamel was totally fucking that cat too.

... wat?

No, never mind.

The transformers were cool.

I never really watched them. Saw the live action last year, other than the awesome special effects i never really got into it.

23rd February 08, 08:25 AM

Aphid Jones
23rd February 08, 05:02 PM
So very, very old!

23rd February 08, 06:07 PM
So are the smurfs!

23rd February 08, 06:36 PM

23rd February 08, 06:39 PM
^^ was that a graduation? if so, why is it relevant?

23rd February 08, 06:42 PM
Eat a root

Truculent Sheep
24th February 08, 08:22 PM
The right way with the dirty blue Belgian commie bastards...