View Full Version : CNN producer fired for having a blog

19th February 08, 06:33 PM

Great article about what's wrong with the main stream media, or at least CNN. I wouldn't be shocked in the least to learn this kind of thing goes on all the time at all the major networks.

Some choice bits:

My HR rep's response: "Well, as far as we know, you're the only CNN employee who's blogging under his own name."
It took self-control I didn't know I had to keep from laughing, considering that I could name five people off the top of my head who blogged without hiding their identities.
Uh-huh, as far as you know.
When I asked, just out of curiosity, who came across my blog and/or the columns in the Huffington Post, the woman from HR answered, "We have people within the company whose job is specifically to research this kind of thing in regard to employees."
Jesus, we have a Gestapo?

I watched my bosses literally stand in the middle of the newsroom and ask, "What can we do to not lead with Iraq?"

Sun Wukong
19th February 08, 11:44 PM
I still haven't forgiven CNN for labeling Lou Dobbs as a political "expert". The fucking hack.

20th February 08, 06:25 AM
I approve. The fewer bloggers the better.

Aphid Jones
20th February 08, 06:29 PM
The fewer bloggers the better.