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6th February 08, 06:45 PM

Okay I was a nut about the spiderman 2 game created a while back.

For those of you who played spiderman 2:

The good

- Better Spidersense
- Better Combat
- Better Storyling options (multiple storylines in action)
- Cool GTA style 'gang territories'

The bad

- Worse Webslinging (they fucked this aspect up)
- Worse 'blocking' or 'dodging' in combat
- Worse options to manage abilities and purchase upgrades
- Same stupid generic enemies
- Same Size city (plus subways)
- Less statistics
- Same shitty character models, tobey maguire still looks like a train hit his face, and then a surgeon tried to fix it with a spoon.

The neutral

- Cutscenes with button tapping. Repetitive but better than cg cutscenes.

At the moment I am so cut about the dumbed down version of webslinging that I haven't picked the game up since first trying it for about an hour. So I haven't seen all the features or played as black spiderman yet, so theres possible room for this game to impress, but so far its just a shiny version of spiderman 2 minus the one thing that made it awesome (webslinging!).

P.S Narrated by bruce campbell. Pretty cool.


I got the brilliant idea of renting this game before forking out almost 100 bucks (instead it cost $7.50 for a few days). In the future I will do this for all games, next on my list to trial is crackdown, another 'vast' cityscape game with rpg elements (and guns).

In conclusion, rent this game, do not buy it. It is expensive, and you might not enjoy it as much as spiderman 2. If you never played anything in the spiderman series, you'll probably think this is gold. But it isn't.

7th February 08, 04:54 AM
My friend owns it on PS3.

Black Spidey is pretty cool. His combos get a lot more violent and there's little graphical tweaks- like Spidey's posture becomes more aggressive. There's some big advantages, too- like you can take a huge amount of punishment, fall from even higher heights (some will still kill you), stuff like that.

Also, I think on the collectors edition of the PS3 version, you get to play as Goblin Jr.

7th February 08, 05:09 AM
I just can't believe they took away two button webslinging. It feels totally wrong now- you can't even have two weblines at once.

8th February 08, 05:34 PM
I just can't believe they took away two button webslinging. It feels totally wrong now- you can't even have two weblines at once.

I suppose that does indeed 'dumb down' the system, but honestly I don't think it was that integral to the gaming experience. Besides, having two weblines going at once just meant you stopped moving, then had to do that wacky slingshot thing that wasn't really that handy. Maybe I just missed the bits where you needed it 'cause I didn't own the game (just played it a lot with a friend).

8th February 08, 11:24 PM
you could use it to corner in some cool ways. In one of the levels for mysterio where you go out to the statue of liberty you pretty much needed the two weblines so you didn't fall in the water. I was hoing they'd fix the slingshot to make it propel you forwards very quickly, but the devs just removed it completely.

Personally I just look back on it fondly. I had finished most of the game including the 'races' with almost all of the gold scores, so for me the control system was working well.