View Full Version : Can't post replys?

21st January 08, 12:26 PM
Whenever I try to reply to a post I get an HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. No problem starting new threads, obviously, just can't reply to anything. Started happening yesterday after I made the post about Time Warner.

Also, going to www.socicide.com gives me :

"Invalid forum path specified! Please edit this file and be sure to include the correct path for your $forumpath variable."

21st January 08, 12:29 PM
Are you using Time Warner as your ISP?

By the way, I am having problems too.


CH Admin
21st January 08, 01:41 PM
Should be fixed now. It's related to the "Only registered users can see links" plugin breaking everything.

Needs to be upgraded, looks like.

21st January 08, 02:36 PM

21st January 08, 03:41 PM
Try logging out and logging back in, usually fixes it