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17th January 08, 11:18 AM

So, if any of you know any homeless vets ( particulary those sleeping under bridges ), put them in touch with Mr. O. I suspect, however, that by "making sure they don't sleep there", he means call the cops on them and have them rousted.

17th January 08, 12:33 PM
"Homeless vet" is one of those things homeless people will claim if they think it will increase the chance of you dishing out some spare change. Being in the Navy myself, I ask rank, unit/ship, what did you do, etc. To date, no one approaching me on the street (and by "street", I mean "San Diego") claiming to be a "homeless vet" has an answer.

Don't get me wrong, there are homeless vets out there (I did some work at the San Diego mission and in other places), but not in the numbers people will claim when it supports their positions. I don't begrudge people making the claim, though; life is shit when you're homeless, and they have to press whatever advantage they can get.

17th January 08, 01:01 PM
Every panhandler in Portland is a homeless vet.

It clearly states this on the cardboard.

17th January 08, 01:13 PM
Saddest thing I've seen lately on this front was this ancient Korean war vet who slept outside my bookstore. Back bent in two, crooked and swollen hands, this guy was in bad shape, but when I checked at the veteran's affairs bureau it turns out he refused all help from them to get him checked into a vet's hospital. Semi-happy ended was they managed to get him into a bed before he died a month or two back, better there than the gutter.
Santa cruz has a glut of homeless people, you see some legless 'nam vets mixed in but the great majority are just severely mentally fucked up, since California had its mental health system gutted by Saint Reagan.

17th January 08, 01:15 PM
The way the govt treats it's vets is despicable.

Dagon Akujin
17th January 08, 01:39 PM
About 1/3 of the homeless are vets (conservative estimates say over 25%). I used to know a number of crazy Vietnam vets in Royal Oak. Homeless Dan one night beat the ever living fuck out of some guy. We blamed PTSD. They were all nice guys, all loud... all rather lost. All alchoholics.

From the VA (http://www1.va.gov/homeless/page.cfm?pg=1): About one-third of the adult homeless population have served their country in the Armed Services. Right now, the number of homeless male and female Vietnam era veterans is greater than the number of service persons who died during that war -- and a small number of Desert Storm veterans are also appearing in the homeless population.

Getting back from Iraq (http://www.csmonitor.com/2005/0208/p02s01-ussc.html): For instance, while an estimated 500,000 veterans were homeless at some time during 2004, the VA had the resources to tend to only 100,000 of them. "You can have all of the yellow ribbons on cars that say 'Support Our Troops' that you want, but it's when they take off the uniform and transition back to civilian life that they need support the most," says Linda Boone, executive director of The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

Double the Average, and with higher education (http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/11/08/homeless.veterans/index.html?iref=newssearch): More than 25 percent of the homeless population in the United States are military veterans, although they represent 11 percent of the civilian adult population, according to a new report. On any given night last year, nearly 196,000 veterans slept on the street, in a shelter or in transitional housing, the study by the Homelessness Research Institute found. "Veterans make up a disproportionate share of homeless people," the report said. "This is true despite the fact that veterans are better educated, more likely to be employed and have a lower poverty rate than the general population."

Does this mean we can go throw rocks at that douche O'Reilley? What a piece of shit shill.