View Full Version : Iraqi soldier's death / evidence of progress in Iraq

6th January 08, 05:53 PM
I found this story on CNN and was extremely surprised and pleased to read it. I'm not glad that these two Iraqi soldiers died, but the fact that both were willing to take that risk and make that sacrifice speaks volumes about their morale and dedication to the cause.


How extraordinarily heroic.

This news causes me to be cautiously optimistic. This level of dedication from the military with a dash of pan-Iraqi nationalism could damn well cause the situation to crystallize into something very nice.

6th January 08, 06:14 PM
To use the same quote you know so well, war is politics by other means. I don't see any signs of political reconciliation occuring, and without political progress, any military progress is worthless. I hope the best for them, and there are plenty of decent Iraqis, but at a price tag of 2 billion dollars per day, I just don't think I'm getting my money's worth from an incompentant government both here and there.

6th January 08, 06:19 PM
Nobody ever said the military hasn't been doing fine. They're doing their jobs and doing them great.

It's the politicians who can't get their shit straight to get anything done.