View Full Version : Sword fighting!

24th December 07, 03:59 PM
Swords, the noblest weapon of all.


24th December 07, 06:03 PM
Why did they start fighting? The debate was going so well!

24th December 07, 08:25 PM
"And what is your name, sir, that you must shroud yourself under a ligthweight traveling hat?"

At some point I want to say this in the real world.

bad credit
25th December 07, 12:55 AM
That was awesome. (The hero had the exact same tights as Vega in Streetfighter, BTW.) I'm all out of pos rep to give. DAMN THE GAWDS, MY PARENTS, THE GOVERNMENT AND THE SKIES! RAAAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!

(Bad Credit proceeds to smash everything in his house with his swords.)

25th December 07, 12:49 PM
That was Steven Fry and Hugh Laurie, by the way. Laurie's the guy playing Dr. House these days.

Commodore Pipes
27th December 07, 05:57 PM
Yeah, when was that made? ~ 1986?

1st January 08, 07:50 PM

You cannot mention swords without mentioning Inigo Montoya.