View Full Version : I'd like to post a review, my post count disagrees with me

2nd December 07, 08:52 AM

Do I:

a) post it in one of the other forums and ask for moderator moderation so it can be moderated

b) pm it to someone

c) SPAM 500+ posts


Stop being a cheap bastard and cough up $20

2nd December 07, 03:48 PM
Stop being a cheap bastard is the correct answer.

That being said, if you post a decent review (regardless if you are a supporting member or not), I will move it to the proper forum.

But stop being a cheap bastard already.

2nd December 07, 04:14 PM

One Puzzle Quest review coming up

As for the cheapness...Perhaps this particular Scrooge will realise the true meaning of christmas this year.

Edit: Too late today, played too much puzzle quest

It'll be up tomorrow