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1st December 07, 09:29 AM
The game follows Kane, an ex-mercenary for hire who is about to be put death for war crimes, and Lynch, a paranoid schizophrenic who may or may not have murdered his wife during one of his "blackouts." Kane and Lynch are rescued from a prison transport by the7, Kane's former employers. They instruct Kain to give them back the money he stole during their last mission otherwise the7 will kill his family.

And its all based on a true story.

The gameplay is nearly identical to Freedom Fighters for PS2. You have a three button squad command system. You crew can either attack, defend, or follow you. If you boss them around too much or tell them to cover a hairy situation, they'll just ignore you. The weapons menu is pulled up by pressing on the analog sticks. Firing and throwing grenades is controlled by the shoulder buttons. The cover system is the only really new thing. You simply run up to a wall and you take cover. It's kinda iffy at first, but once you know the ranges. It becomes natural.

The experience is closest any game has gotten the big heist/revenge/we-have-your-family/buddy/ action movies of the 80's and 90's. You feel the intensity of running and gunning on a busy street with cops and swat closing in on both sides. It is like you're not out to do damage as much as you're trying to buy time or get to the rally point with your driver. It is this same quality that makes the game tedious.

The computer sends wave after wave of NPC's after you. While you have to contend with aiming and the very random spray of bullets (just like Freedom Fighter, semi-autofire is a must), the computer is dead-eye dick with their shots.

In conclusion, if you loved Freedom Fighter, Michael Mann movies, and a real challenge as far as gameplay goes. I suggest you rent this game instead of buying.

1st December 07, 04:19 PM
LOVED freedom fighters. seriously, one of my all-time favorites.

This looks pretty cool.

23rd February 08, 01:25 AM
i played the demo and was pretty bored. ugly game. i did love freedom fighters though

23rd February 08, 07:00 AM
Heard mixed reviews about this. I think ill pass.