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29th November 07, 01:31 AM

Article from USA Today about this emerging... sport.


29th November 07, 01:38 AM
fuck you J.K. Rowling

29th November 07, 01:48 AM

Am I gonna have to crucio a bitch?

Seriously, this is lame on unheard of levels.

So, to make up for the lameness, I propose the following adaptation of quiddich.

First, we deal with the field of play an means of movement. Running around with a broom between your legs is amusing and all, but let's face facts; it's fucking retarded. There are a few options that work here I think:
Ice rink, everyone's on skates and wears hockey gear.
Roller rink on skates or blades, standard skating pads.
Skate park on skate boards, I'm thinking like a soccer field sized array of half pipes, ramps, hills, etc. Really, I like this idea best and all of my work here on in assumes we've chosen this option.

OK, so we've decided on our playing field and our method of transportation. The boards are a good stand-in for brooms, it's a skill in itself to use them and you can easily be knocked off. Make the park with a sort of basic "empty pool" border and simply swap out the objects within for every game so that the field of play is different and allows for new acrobatics, strategy, aesthetic, etc.

The quaffle should just be a child sized soccer or basket ball- child sized so it's easier to catch and carry with one hand. The deflated bit for extra grip kinda makes sense, but the idea of having the ball bounce around the various objects on the field is jsut too good to let go.

The bludgers..... smaller, heavier dodge balls. No bats in this sport, kind of stupid without balls that fly around of their own free will.

The golden snitch. This is difficult. One of those tiny remote controlled helicopters. It could be released randomly from little ports on and around the game field. To avoid a controller from favoring one team or the other, rig it up with some ziggy zaggy flight AI- I'm sure some genius can pull this off. Really there's no other way to do the snitch, it's just not possible.

Ok, there you have it. I have come up with a better game than the idiots at Middleberry/Vassar/whateverthefuck.

Sun Wukong
29th November 07, 02:47 AM
ok, this is a joke. this is from an overdeveloped sense of humor.

Don "Jive Turkey" Gwinn
29th November 07, 11:36 PM
Jet packs.

Commodore Pipes
30th November 07, 11:09 AM

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