View Full Version : Elephant vs Man. The challenge: DARTS. Who will win???

28th November 07, 01:01 AM
LOL, awesome.


Sun Wukong
28th November 07, 03:22 AM
another awesome find.

28th November 07, 04:11 AM

They totally have dirt instead of grass.

28th November 07, 04:13 AM
I love this comment by one bloke (in reply to criticism):

"you fucking cock, that elephant could kick your ass at darts, football, weight lifting, drinking, fighting , fucking and finding peanuts in a peanut-finding contest. All you can do is give him shit behind his back."

28th November 07, 04:14 AM
Well, you have to admit it is a pretty big back.

28th November 07, 06:13 AM
I'm pretty sure I've actually been to that elephant show. It's in Northern Thailand if it's the one I'm thinking of. They get the elephant to paint a picture as well.

Coincidentally, I went to a show in Bangkok once where this woman painted a picture with... well it didn't turn out as good as the elephant's picture I'll say that much.

28th November 07, 11:04 AM
In your face, worthless biped!