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Dagon Akujin
27th November 07, 02:17 PM

Description: An acoustic levitation chamber that I designed and built in 1987. If the sound disturbs, then turn down the volume. Styrofoam experiments were completed first, heavier objects levitated with other frequencies remain confidential. The original intent was to do experiments in micro-gravity conditions. This work was and is continued by NASA & The ESA. My work involved is private.
Acoustic waves are sound waves. Further sound is kinetic energy. Waves of air pressure. Now if we take these waves and constantly emit them into a closed box called a Helmholtz resonant cavity, then they will bounce back and forth in the box, and if we get the wavelength of the sound wave to be a integral multiple of the box dimensions, we can set up "standing waves." Yes waves that have high and low pressure zones that remain standing and not moving, so when this happens, things get caught up in these zones and remain hovering. Now if one does this in 3 dimensions, then one can control the movement of an object in 3 dimensions. So there you have acoustic levitation explained in a nutshell or Helmholtz resonant cavity. ;-)

We now have created one with 8 times the volume of space used for this chamber. The new lager chamber is part of an upcoming art exhibition at a famous museum in London in 2008. Story to be disclosed soon.

So you can create walls (tables) for objects to sit on, and this has been around since 1987? I mean, this isn't as cool as the singing Tesla coil (http://www.sociocide.com/forums/showthread.php?t=47221&highlight=tesla), but it's pretty close.


27th November 07, 07:27 PM
video removed. sucks.

Dagon Akujin
28th November 07, 02:05 AM
That's odd.... the embedded vid doesn't work, but it's still there.


Sun Wukong
28th November 07, 02:09 AM
sweet find Dagon. I've heard this technology discussed for use in space travel but this is the first time i've seen a demonstration.

28th November 07, 02:22 AM
I'm surprised Dagon hasn't posted a quote from the bible that involves trumpets and their effect.