View Full Version : Electric Daisy Carnival [2000]

25th November 07, 09:59 AM

For all the techno lovers out there, here is flashback to the golden age of techno - Electric Daisy Carnival. I heard this CD years ago but never owned it, but finally having Track 9 - Face to Face by Sleepwalker playing in my head became too much for me and I broke down and purchased it.

The CD was mixed by Doran, one of the best trance DJ's America had to offer at the time [back then it seemed like Europe was a powerhouse and America had few DJ's worth a shit].




Now the reason why the Sleepwalker track stuck in my mind so much was because it [supposedly] was sampled from the Ghost in the Shell soundtrack. It is difficult to find information to substantiate this in the present, but I was told this back in the day from several people. Regardless, this CD and especially this track kicks ass.