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11th November 07, 04:00 AM
So, you've got no food to eat, blood sugar's a little low and your hypoglycemia is making it difficult for people to be around you? Well, no more brooding over that 7-11 burrito for you, my son, let them eat soup!

Improv Soup for Beginners

I looked through the fridge on this cold fall day and found these:

2 Carrots, a couple of potatoes, some garlic, an onion, half a bag of shitake mushrooms, half a stalk of leftover celery with leaves, various spices like rosemary, salt, pepper and thyme and sadly no meat. Not so much, but that's all right though, veggie soup for two or three it is.

Step 1: Cut all that up into soup chunks (minus fingers and skin).
Step 2: Add butter or oil then Saute garlic. After its a little browned add onion and saute nicely. Use a spatula or use that kung fu training for something useful.


Step 3: remove onions and garlic, add some oil to the pan and wait for it to heat up. Once it smokes a little, add potatoes and brown them a bit.

Step 4: Fill stock pot with water, probably 4 cups for two people if they're hungry. Add potatoes, garlic and onions to pot. Turn on low heat.
Step 5: Saute everything else, add to pot.

Step 6: Simmer on medium heat for a little while, maybe 20 minutes depending on your altitude. See that crap floating on the top of the soup, the soup scum? Remove it with a spoon or a ladle , but try not to loose the soup.

Now add spices, salt and pepper to your preference. A pinch of rosemary and thyme and a half table spoon of brown sugar. Mix well and wait. Taste adjust if necessary. The trick is not to add too much all at once and build up to the flavor you like. If you put in a fist of salt all at once you'll be eating brine and even the flies won't touch it.

Now you also have a choice. You can have soup or make a stew and all you need is some roux. "WTF is roux!?" you ask? It's a 50/50 blend of butter and flour for thickening soups, chowders and gumbos and such. Measure out about 20-30 grams of flour and butter each, saute and mix in your pan until it's a little brown and pasty. Add to the soup and mix well. If all goes well it should look like this:



if everything was done right then you'll be all rainbows:


End notes: This took me 45 minutes start to finish, not counting clean up. You can add meat too if you want. I like to cook it a little after I saute the garlic then add it to the pot.

11th November 07, 01:36 PM
Soup is awesome. I'm going to make a huge batch of this, and another kid of soup for taking to work.

11th November 07, 06:21 PM
yeah thats true, especially with the rainbow. if I changed it though, would it make the subject easier to understand, being that it is a bowl of soup?

haha, such is the power of my soup that it can be viewed from the top and bottom and the sides as well. Fear my masonic magic spells!!

11th November 07, 06:25 PM
I'm no vegetarian, but I'm not sure if you'd need meat in that. Maybe a tiny bit of pork or bacon for a little flavouring. Or some seafood. Fresh red chili (milder sweet variety, just flesh no seeds) would go nice in that. Sweetcorn too.

11th November 07, 06:25 PM
2nd to last image = makes me hungry.

oh yeah you live in japan right? cool stove.

11th November 07, 08:32 PM
If soup makes your pictures turn sideways then you can keep it.

11th November 07, 11:19 PM
yeah you're right, I usually make it with a meat flavored stock (pork is a big seller here), but I didn't have any. I used just what I had on hand. Plus, I just wanted to keep it easy rather than go through and make a stock from scratch. Yeah corn and beans or some kind of pasta next time....Or you know what, Next time I'll make chilli..

The stove works by induction. You can touch the element and it'll be cool, providing you don't have some kind of metal exoskeleton.

Pshha, sideways pictures ain't no thang compared to italian wedding soup....
But yeah, I'll fix the pictures later.

12th November 07, 12:33 AM
Also, your bowl is shit.

12th November 07, 01:41 AM
I own my own bowls, they serve their purpose....why, do you feel you deserve crystal?

15th November 07, 03:31 AM
We should turn Sociocide into a cooking forum.

I am going to make roast chicken tomorrow night, but I am going to try a French method (Poulet Roti) with a reduced chicken stock sauce flavored with onion, shallots, and a little carrot.

15th November 07, 03:43 AM
Never made that one. What are you using to season it? and will you post some pictures?

15th November 07, 03:53 AM
As far as the seasoning, it is basically just salt and butter. The butter helps in proper browning for a crisp skin.

And the sauce provides the kick.

I am thinking about making a thread about it but have not decided yet.

The recipe is on page 240 in Mastering the Art of French Cooking if you are interested.

15th November 07, 04:05 AM
yeah I heard the name before..proper browning, crisp skin and juicy ass meat motherfucker I used to do the same for turkey. In japan, they know not of the turkey.

My vote is make the thread, we need more cooking threads. rubber stamp

15th November 07, 04:12 AM
Oh shit, next time I make Zuppa Toscana, I'm putting up the recipe.

It will blow your fucking mind.

15th November 07, 05:20 AM
Oh yeah? Get on your horse !!