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25th October 07, 01:33 AM
Airheads (they're out of control)

Normally Airheads are pretty good, but right now there's a "New Wave Flavor" plug carried over from Surf's Up (in theaters june 8, how long was this on the rack?). It is disgusting. First off, it's yellow.



Second, it tastes like bad mango juice.

Cherry Garcia

Jerry Garcia may be dead, but you can still enjoy the smooth taste of his music in ice cream form.


Cherry Garcia is cherry-flavored ice creams with chunks of cherry and chocolate in it. It's better than Stepehen Colbert's Americone Dream, which is gross, and comparable with Moose Tracks, which is almost but not quite as good. Ben & Jerry uses organic dairy from organic cows.

IBC soft drinks


These are about twice the price of normal sodas, but like 12 times as delicious, so you're actually getting six times the soda goodness for your money. The only problem is that they're so delicious everyone else in the house will drink them up while you try to hoard them for special occasions. It's depressing to come home and all the cream sodas have been stolen by unscrupulous housemates.

Italian soda


Cool stuff. Taste like fruit drinks and carbonation.