View Full Version : Electric classical guitar Busker .

Yiktin Voxbane
17th October 07, 03:25 AM

Kein Haar
17th October 07, 11:33 AM
Reminds me of the music from that nintendo game...uh...fuck...

dammit. It's with the elf, the wizard, and the warrior. You run around in mazes.

Gaunlet! Had to look it up.

17th October 07, 01:11 PM

The drummer is my vocalist's best friend, and they apparently have a pretty large following on the east coast, even some Aussie peeps digging them.

They are pretty fucking awesome, especially live....I love em.

17th October 07, 06:25 PM
This isn't classical. It's more piano. He's just tapping on it. Impressive? Yes. Does it add anything over a keyboard/piano? No.