View Full Version : Why does this not surprise me? How the TX legislature votes

5th October 07, 11:00 PM
For those who for some reason didn't know that Bush was Governor of TX before he became President of the USA....


I'm shocked!


5th October 07, 11:28 PM
Seen it before. I doubt it's just Texas that does this. Nothing this shitty can be quarantined to a single state.

5th October 07, 11:38 PM
You're probably right but it is just interesting to me that the video that is out there is from Texas.

6th October 07, 06:47 AM
It sorta looks like they're playing bingo, doesn't it?

bad credit
9th October 07, 01:10 AM
Are they placing votes for people who can't be there but are calling them in? It doesn't seem like it. Not with R's and D's voting for each other.

Fuck. Has anyone been impeached over this? If not, I say anarchy now.

9th October 07, 07:00 AM
It's all a matter of public record; if one of those folks was placing the wrong vote for someone else they would be in deep shit.

Legislatures do their own thing, ya know, cause they're above us lowly fucking plebes.

The hate is swelling in me now...

9th October 07, 12:55 PM
I guess what I want to know is are they just placing votes for somebody else (Bad) Or are they placing their votes for whatever they decide and theirs an in-house code of silence on the matter because everyone does it (Worse than bad)?

9th October 07, 02:04 PM
What I find just as disturbing is the way so few people decide to actually turn up and vote.

9th October 07, 02:53 PM
They must be off at their ranches.

You know, cause, if vacation time at the ranch is good for the President, it must be good for everyone!