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28th September 07, 12:09 PM
Non one could have been more skeptical that i was going in to this movie. I am a huge fan of the classic John Carpenter film, ( despite its many shortcomings, it is a landmark film) and a huge fan of the genre itself. I find it unfortunate that so few good horror films are actually made.
Zombie's take on the whole Michael Myers saga is decidedly different. He chronicles the life of a deeply disturbed, horribly abused child and leaves little to wonder why the boy becomes the boogeyman that he does. I found myself quite sympathetic to the character..at least as a child.
Much like the classic film. The story takes off when Myers escapes from Smith's Grove Sanitarium and returns to his home town of Haddonfield to wreak bloody havoc and kill hi last remaining relative (his sister, Laurie) on Halloween night. The escape sequence is quite different and one cannot help but feel a bit sorry for the poor, foolish orderly who has been caring for Michael since the age of 7, for thinking his humane treatment of an incurable psychopath will get him off the hook as Michael takes no prisoners in his bid for freedom.
Zombie's version of the Dr. Loomis character is also quite interesting. Instead of the obsessive, almost pathological Donald Pleasance version, we have a doctor who is equally committed but not above publishing an account of his years as attending psychiatrist to an infamous killer to soak up a bit of blood money.
I don't want to give up too much about the actual content of the film, this is not a spoiler thread. But to sum it up - this movie is filled with terrifying scenes and violent deaths that will appease even the most hardened horror film fan. Aside frome melodramatic moment between Michael and Laurie that takes place in the old Myers house..there is little to ctiticize in this movie. Zombie pays homage to the classic film through his treatment of the now infamous Michael Myers mask in the story and cleverly inserts original soundtrack pieces in the appropriate places as well. His Michael Myers is different, but in a good way. The viewers of the film understand him much more than one could hope to try and understand Carpenter's version of Michael Myers. Not only that, but , unlike Carpenter, Zombie had the good sense to film the movie during the autumn season to give it some authenticity.
4 out of 5 stars. If you don't want to go see it in the theatre it makes a good Halloween night rental.

28th September 07, 01:58 PM
wow. i've held the same skepticism...

but am now contemplating getting a sitter and driving to the theater.

i want to watch this.

good review, ozz.

28th September 07, 03:50 PM
Great avatar fes..one of my favorite horror movie kills , that one.

28th September 07, 04:20 PM
What is all this "skepticism" like the original is a Sacred Cow of some sort

The new one's better.

I will say - the young michael isn't "horribly" abused. He's got a shitty life but not enough to justify what he does (which I like)

One thing that needs mentioned is the nature of the violence - when Michael takes after someone, he sort of just . . . smoooshes them, the way a crazy man would.

28th September 07, 04:23 PM
Haven't seen it yet, but i thought it was worth checking out.

"As you all know, I'm from a shitty little town near Boston (crowd cheers). Every time I come back, people always ask me, 'Rob, do you have people you hang out with here? People you keep in contact with? You must have friends in the Boston area.' And I say, 'fuck no.'"

Awkward silence. "There is one guy, though . . . " and a man in an eight-foot tall alien costume comes out and dances spastically to More Human than Human.

A childhood of Creature Double Feature clearly begets genius

What is all this "skepticism" like the original is a Sacred Cow of some sort

The new one's better.

Plus Jamie Lee had a pen0rz. At least Snopes says it's undetermined, "but it is often lent credibility by people who have heard their university professors who repeat it as fact" LOL

28th September 07, 04:25 PM
Great avatar fes..one of my favorite horror movie kills , that one.

oh, it's one of mine too!

i'm known for having creepy avatars. :)

28th September 07, 04:36 PM
but am now contemplating getting a sitter and driving to the theater.

A sitter? Their rooms don't lock? Just tell the cops you thought your husband was alseep in the other room, it's old but they might not have heard it

28th September 07, 06:27 PM
or do what the rest of my family does and have the older one watch the younger one til mommy gets back.

yeah, he's 6... but he's mature and responsible for his age!

28th September 07, 11:58 PM
The first half kicked ass, the second half was mundane.