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23rd September 07, 12:57 PM
In case you didn't know:

The film is about a doctor (Naomi Watts) who acquires a diary from a 14 year old prostitute that dies during childbirth. She follows the clues back to a Russian restaurant run by a gangster( Armin Mueller-Stahl) and his son(Vincent Cassel). Their "driver" (Viggo Mortenson) decides to help her solve the mystery, but even he is more than meets the eye.

The good.
1.It's subtle just like a history of violence. It doesn't have any razzle dazzle. It's simple a meditation upon violence and the code violent men live by.

2.The dialogue was on par with the old Coen Brothers' movies. Every word was simple and stoically indifferent, but at the same time their were many layers and interpretations.

(On a personal note)Viggo Mortenson's rendition of Ed Harris from a History of Violence.If they're bad enough,

The bad.
Too many things wrong with it.

1. There were no character arcs. None. The overlying theme of all Cronenberg movies was transformation. However, he decided to gloss over all of that in favor of an abreviated explanation of russian organized crime and a brief look into human trafficing.

2. The violence. Whereas every violent act in a History of Violence has its own meaning, Eastern promises was shock value. The build up to the scenes usually made the acts kind of funny.

3. The "climatic?" fight in the shower. I don't want to give anything away.It's like a three stooges gag reel. I laughed throughout the whole thing.

4. The accents. It's like a bad wig. You start ignoring almost everything else.

(On a personal note)Vincent Cassel's performance. This may actually be his worst role ever. He just couldn't find his base and slid into some serious overacting.

The Ugly
The climax was cut. I'm serious. There is no climax in this film. The oscar winning money shot of a gun battle that you waited and paid for didn't happen. I remember sitting in the theater watching the credits and saying,"is that it?" That was it.

Wait for the unedited director's cut. It's the difference between a good film and a great film.

23rd September 07, 03:49 PM
Was the climax really cut? What was it supposed to be?

Also, can I have the source? Can't seem to find it anywhere.

Dagon Akujin
24th September 07, 12:38 AM
I thought the end happened a little fast as well. It was like you had to guess at what actually took place, and that there was going to be a sequal.

I still liked it though. Thoughtfull long shots let you experience, as if looking in a window, an oddly formal violent culture. Of course, there were long, thoughtfull shots of flopping man penis, too.

Now I really want to see the cut ending though.

24th September 07, 02:16 PM
I need to clarify that I assume the climax was cut because the big blood ballet that the whole movie was leading up to didn't appear on screen. Not even the aftermath of it.

European members, was there a shoot out after the Kirilin and the baby scene?

bad credit
27th September 07, 05:17 PM
The trailers confuse me. It seems like Hollywood is trying to potray the Russian mob as honorable and family based like we've seen the Yakuza, Triads and Mafia portrayed. From everything I've read about the Organiziya, they're just a pack of wild dogs who aren't a unified force.