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22nd September 07, 08:24 PM

I've played it for like 5 hours maybe total and I'm done. No, the game was just starting, but I'm done.

Half-Life 2 engine, so you get nice physics and of course pretty graphics.

But for some shitty reason they decided to keep the "on the fly" loading of sounds and stuff for massive stuttering damage.

Technical reasons aside, the game still sucks. For a Might and Magic game, you'd expect RPG and strategy, right? Well this is RPG for the Xbox player who can't count to 5. No shops. No experience. No talking to anybody. Hell, you don't get to free roam, the game is entirely linear like an FPS. You pick up weapons as you go along. Several times in the beginning I was excited when I was asked a question. Too bad your character already knows what to say.

Remember the skill system of Diablo 2? Well imagine making a minigame out of D2 and taking that skill system. That's what you get. A few spells, a stealth skill, and some melee and archery skills. Apparently you get enough skill points throughout the game to get all of the skills, anyway. The way you get skills is by completing objectives. Sometimes an optional one will appear, but you can't just go back and somehow get more skills to better prepare yourself.

Combat is very similar to Morrowind/Oblivion, except that you can also kick your opponents and do power shots. Kicking is the best part of the game. You can kick your opponent off cliffs, into fire, and into spiked walls, all doing instant kills. I spent more time trying to kick people into/off of things than using my sword, because it was just more effective. Once you get in the zone of the kill, your adrenaline bar goes up and you get to do a Fatality (that's what they call it) that is a 1-hit-kill. Essentially dismemberment or impalement of an enemy. Looks meh, but pretty useful in game.

Ranged fighting is useless. An arrow doesn't do much damage, takes forever to reload, and once the enemy knows you are there, they dodge the arrows easily. Magic is a bit better because you don't have the reload time, and you get more mana potions than you ever need.

The story is horrible. You control a powerful moron. You are sent to recover the Skull of Shadows and have some woman thing GET INSIDE YOUR HEAD to accompany you, constantly saying sexual innuendos and implying that you are essentially the hero of the game, with a fucking powerful necromancer chasing your ass the whole time, and in your journal between chapters you write "I wonder what is going on. I'll have to ask someone soon."

Not to mention you have my classic FPS pet peeve: the door in front of me is locked! I need to spend half an hour trying to find another way around! At least "half an hour" is more like 5-10 minutes now, but it's still annoying. I don't ever rememeber doing that in any RPG. It's an FPS time waster.

I stopped playing when I hit some crypts and kept dying. Why? Because there are traps that I cannot see or detect that kill me whenever I pass by. Too bad I don't have a map to tell me whether I'm even going in the right direction.

I'm really dissapointed in this game. It's just not fun.

23rd September 07, 03:02 AM
Try this.


Yiktin Voxbane
23rd September 07, 04:26 AM
Man..... THAT takes me back aways .../wheeze

king of seals
23rd September 07, 04:44 AM
I played the demo, and I can confirm that it is a terrible game.

23rd September 07, 12:26 PM
Try this.


Actually, I reverted to playing Nethack and Dungeon Crawl.

23rd September 07, 12:54 PM
You like Nethack and such? Cool. Not many people do.

23rd September 07, 01:31 PM
It's simple and yet complicated. No bullshit involved and no glitches when trying to figure out "Can I make that jump?"

23rd September 07, 05:28 PM
Nothing beats this.


23rd September 07, 06:08 PM
Nothing beats this.


Oh my.

I can't top that, merely offer a savoury side-dish:-


24th September 07, 09:13 AM
Try this.


I have a few of these books about ten feet from me right now.


Second Story books, used to get em for bout 50 cents a piece when I was a kid.