View Full Version : ICHT BIN SHE-RA!

15th September 07, 11:04 AM

That is all.

15th September 07, 02:14 PM
I haven't seen that cartoon in years. Props to you for digging up some nostalgic gold.

.........And yeah, :hitit: :hitit: :hitit:

Sun Wukong
15th September 07, 05:00 PM
For some reason... I just don't think Germans should have cartoons about blonde, blue eyed super powered people who beat up the only people around with different colored skin... it just seems suspicious to me.

bad credit
16th September 07, 12:43 AM
Hordak's not people.

Also, those of us on www.he-man.org have seen the old cartoon intros in just about every language now. Yawn.

I did dig the French He-man intro, though. Chateau Grayskull gives me the giggles. Didja all also know that He-man in Europe was called Musclor?