View Full Version : Just in case you did not already know… Stage6 is an awesome site!

11th September 07, 12:53 AM
Stage6 (http://stage6.divx.com/)

Why is it awesome? First off, it has about every episode of every television show currently on. Finding what you want is easy once get the hang of it. Ok say you want to see the episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia where Dee becomes a boxer? Simple type in the name of the show and its season and episode number. In this case, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia S02E05, and bam!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia S02E05 (http://stage6.divx.com/Always-Sunny-in-Philadelphia/video/1618589/Its-Always-Sunny-In-Philadelphia---S02E05---Hundred-Dollar-B)

When you do the search, it’s the second video in the list, so pretty easy to find.

Ok what about the first season, Dr. Who (Ninth Doctor) from BBC Wales? Ya thy got it, in fact they have all three season of the new Dr. Who.

Its pretty simple to find what you want when you get the hang of how to do the searches.

But the best part is that you can download the videos! Just wait until they load and then click on the video, you will get an option to download as a MPEG4 or AVI file. By the way, if you choose AVI be sure to label the new file Whatthefuckever.AVI so it will run. Then you can burn it to CD and watch in on your TV.

Have fun…

11th September 07, 01:12 PM
I watched countless episodes of Stargate and Invader Zim on Stage6, an awesome site indeed.

I would also recommend Veoh. (http://www.veoh.com/)

12th September 07, 04:09 AM
everything in divx? i got a DVD player that plays divx now. yea

18th September 07, 12:29 AM
bah!! didn't have the wire season 4 episode 13. that is a damned elusive episode.

18th September 07, 01:48 AM
Has the Trailer Park Boys season 7.

This site gets my approval.

18th September 07, 06:46 AM
The thumbs go up. Word should be spread so it gains popularity, so it doesn't go under before Google have a chance to buy.

26th February 08, 11:44 PM
Update, Stage6 is shutting down on Thursday February 28.

Link (http://www.stage6.com/)


26th February 08, 11:55 PM
Oh noes! I can't pirate!

27th February 08, 12:28 AM
Anybody think it had to do with constantly dealing with copyright infringement.

RIP Stage6 I loved you so.

27th February 08, 12:41 AM
It also effects sites like surfthechannel.com...they will lose 20,000 videos leaving them with 50,000.

1st March 08, 01:44 AM
Any sites of a similar nature:?

Lu Tze
2nd March 08, 04:07 PM
veoh, but it's not half as good IMO.

Stage6 was too beautiful to live in these times. /sheds a tear

Oh well, back to piratebay!