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Doritosaurus Chex
21st August 07, 01:31 PM





Makes me want to download the emulator for Mario Paint. Unfortunately, I don't have this type of talent. Still cool and even managed to work his way around the limitations of not being able to use flats and sharps.

21st August 07, 01:34 PM
Old. Steve posted this a few days ago.

Doritosaurus Chex
21st August 07, 01:37 PM
Yeah? I thought that was the Megaman 2 guitar one.

21st August 07, 01:38 PM
He later posted vids of this or at least said to check them out.

Or something.

Doritosaurus Chex
21st August 07, 01:40 PM
That was me who posted the Dr. Wily stage 1 video there. I decided to make a thread of it now.

21st August 07, 01:45 PM
This stuff is great. There are apparently posers that try and be as cool as the first guy, they need to stop trying.