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20th August 07, 01:51 PM

I had seen previews for this movie a while back, and from the start I was relatively interested. From what I hear the movie was based on a book in German, and was an international best seller. Stanley Kubrick has said that putting the book into film form would be "impossible" so the director of this flick really has his work cut out for him.

The story follows a young Frenchman named Grenouille, who is abnormally gifted when it comes to smells. No smell is better to him than others at first, and he takes them in with equal interest, whether it be rocks or trees or mud. After going through some hard times as a child, he gets a job being a tanner, and after working his way up through the ranks, he is allowed to go outside and help the boss. As soon as he gets away from the tannery he catches wind of a beautiful woman, who has her own distinct and introxicating scent. He follows her, and after she catches on, she runs away, to get a permanant hold on her he ends up killing her, only to find out that the scent evaporates after death.

Grenouille eventually comes to a job as a perfume maker, where he tries to extract the scent of women before it goes away, as he wants to smell the best smell he has ever smelled so to speak. After a stint of killing sprees the townies start to catch on, which eventually culminates to the ending, which I frankly did not see coming.

To start this is truly a unique movie. And I can see why the movie would be so hard to film. Smell plays a big role in the movie as much as the main character, and with the way it was filmed it was as if you could smell the things on screen. A very interesting experience. It was an exotic (if not erotic) experience at, and if it wasn't for all the murders it would be a good date movie. Even the murders play to the erotic as Grenouille has to strip them naked and cover them in greasy fat to render the scents (if you're into that sort of thing).

The firt half of the movie I think succeeds in the experiment. During the last half however, it was hamstrung by how much was put into the beginning. It seemed to me like the end was kind of a "lets wrap it up" kind of deal.

In any case the movie is a unique experience, the acting is pretty good, and the filiming is pretty magnificent. It falls short though in the end, and feels broken in some parts. I'd say rent it, it's worth a shot, and you'll only be out a few bucks if you don't like it.