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18th August 07, 10:49 PM
These dudes are fuckin' badasses! And! They're kids! Just 16 or so. They both play in other bands. This song is one from their band "with legions" just acousticalfied
I've been taking some time to dig into the offbeat acoustic world. I've been trying to get an acoustic punk band together. It's started, but got a ways to go too. My guitar player just went across the country on a HYP binge. I don't expect to see him again til next spring. Anyway, the ability to continue to say "Fuck you" even after the electricity goes out, now that's punk rock! I have some crude recordings on myspace (http://www.myspace.com/sweetwillycbanjo).

But as I searched, I found lots of cool bands I never knew existed.

Let's see. There's "Split Lip Rayfield" the band whos named after some dude who would get horribly chapped lips in the wintertime, belts out rippin' acoustic mayhem with the steady rhythm of a gas tank bass thundering it all together.

Then there's The Meat Purveyors with their special blend of feminine harmony and speed pickin. I think the mandolin had caught on fire one time. They are seriously awesome.

Then there's Jerome Sosa out in Seattle. He would go out and play his acoustic guitar between other bands sets at punk shows. His acoustic project is "Pipsqueak"

Oh, and there's more out there. MDC has an acoustic offshoot now. I've come across acoustic pieces from guys out of the dead kennedys, DOA, the pagans, the dead boys, Iron Cross, the Pist, the dwarves.

Any experiences anyone would like to share?

I leave you with a little Hogscraper. Nothin like an Arkansas Toothpick!

18th August 07, 11:07 PM
Just started up the first one, digging it so far.
This stuff is cool, I also am bit into stuff like Apocalyptica. I like classical music and metal. I also like long walks on the beach.

18th August 07, 11:24 PM
First bunch of fags need to realize that guitars have six strings.

29th August 07, 03:16 AM
I like it:)

1st September 07, 11:52 PM
Hells Yeah! I think I gots me a mandolin player boys!