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8th August 07, 01:03 AM
Bonds makes history with 756th home run

SAN FRANCISCO: Barry Bonds hit his 756th career home run Tuesday, surpassing Hank Aaron's record to establish himself as baseball's new home run king.

The San Francisco Giants slugger broke baseball's most coveted record in front of his home fans when he connected on a full-count pitch from Washington's Mike Bacsik.

"Thank you very much. I got to thank all of you, all the fans here in San Francisco. It's been fantastic," he said shortly after crossing home plate, his godfather, Willie Mays, at his side.

"I got to thank my teammates. Through all of this, you've been strong and given me all the support I needed and I'll never forget it as long as I live."

He saved his late father, Bobby, for last.

"To my dad," he said, his voice broke as he pointed to the sky. Through tears, he added, "Thank you for everything."

Conspicuous by their absence were Major League Baseball's commissioner Bud Selig and Aaron himself.

Selig was on hand for the tiebreaking homer Saturday, deciding to honor baseball history despite the steroid allegations that have always been attached to Bonds. But on Tuesday, Selig sent an emissary rather than attend in person.

As for Aaron, he said all along he had no interest in being there whenever and wherever his 33-year-old mark was broken. He was true to his word, but he did offer a taped message of congratulations that played on stadium's scoreboard.

"It is a great accomplishment which required skill, longevity and determination," Aaron said.

"Throughout the past century, the home run has held a special place in baseball and I have been privileged to hold this record for 33 of those years. I move over now and offer my best wishes to Barry and his family on this historic achievement.

"My hope today, as it was on that April evening in 1974, is that the achievement of this record will inspire others to chase their own dreams."

Absent, too, were the abusive fans that have followed Bonds as he pursued the record, sure that he wasn't fit to claim Aaron's mark, that his power came from steroids.

Yet even now Bonds is the first name in the record books, fans will keep debating which slugger they consider the true home run champion. Some will continue to cling to Aaron while other, older rooters will always say it's Babe Ruth the man Aaron surpassed.

"It's all about history. Pretty soon, someone will come along and pass him," Mays said before the game.

A seven-time National League MVP, the 43-year-old Bonds' hit against Washington was his 22nd home run of the year. Bonds broke Mark McGwire's single-season record by hitting 73 in 2001 and while he's no longer such a force, opposing pitchers remain wary.

It was the promise of a night like Tuesday that saw Giants owner Peter Magowan give ground in a contract dispute and bring back the star left fielder for a 15th season in San Francisco, signing him to a $15.8 million, one-year contract.

Bonds' once-rapid quest for the record had slowed in recent years as age and balky knees diminished his pace. He hit 258 home runs from 2000-04, but has only 53 since.

While steroids have tinged Bonds' pursuit, it was race that was the predominant issue when Aaron broke Ruth's mark in 1974. Aaron dealt with hate mail and death threats from racist fans who thought a black man was not worthy of breaking the record set by a white hero, the beloved Babe.

Bonds was destined for stardom at an early age. The son of All-Star outfielder Bobby Bonds and the godson of one of the game's greatest players, Bonds spent his childhood years roaming the clubhouse at Candlestick Park, getting tips from Mays and other Giants.

In a matter of years, Bonds went from a wiry leadoff hitter with Pittsburgh in 1986 to a bulked-up slugger. That transformation is at the heart of his many doubters, who believe Bonds cheated to accomplish his feats and should not be considered the record-holder.

There are plenty of fans already hoping for the day that Bonds' total whatever it ends up is topped. New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez may have the best chance, with his 500 home runs at age 32 far ahead of Bonds' pace.


Link. (http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2007/08/08/sports/NA-SPT-BBL-Bonds-756.php)

Well, he did it. Too bad Aaron didn't have today's steroids.

8th August 07, 09:27 AM
Until he is tested positive and is suspened from baseball, I give him the benefit of the doubt.

Everyone takes performance enchancers, the question is whether he took illegail ones.

8th August 07, 10:05 AM
I'm just glad it's over now so everyone can let it drop.

8th August 07, 12:18 PM
This record will forever have an * attached to it.

the footnote will read: "probably used steroids"

8th August 07, 02:44 PM
This record will forever have an * attached to it.

the footnote will read: "probably used steroids"

No it won't. EVERY athlete nowadays uses some sort of perfomance enhancements. The question is are they using a legal or illegial suppliment. There has been no proof he has been taking illegial suppliments, only some anedoctial evidence and the word of a doctor that claims to have supplied him with it ( doesn't mean he took it). If there has he would of been ejected and fined.

If you really believe that, then a * should be attached to everyone who breaks a record from now on. Including people who play longer careers due to cutting edge sport medicine and surgery not available 15 years ago.

8th August 07, 02:47 PM

8th August 07, 02:48 PM
I think wayne gretzky got more goals in less time and without juice.


8th August 07, 03:02 PM
As a resident of the Bay Area, lemme say this:
This is a great day....

.... for 'roids.

8th August 07, 03:03 PM
For God's sake, this isn't a case of him using steroids. The man just has AFRICAN FURY, alright?

8th August 07, 03:14 PM
Hmmm. Hadn't thought of that. The ball is white, after all, and Barry sure socks the fuck outta it.

8th August 07, 03:27 PM
Without going into a long discussion on the matter:

Roiding is cheating. I don't care if "everyone" is doing it. He is (probably) cheating.

8th August 07, 05:02 PM
Congratulations on your record Barry, now pee in this...


Sun Wukong
13th August 07, 07:38 PM
No it won't.

Yes, it will.

If you really believe that, then a * should be attached to everyone who breaks a record from now on. Including people who play longer careers due to cutting edge sport medicine and surgery not available 15 years ago.

Bullshit. This record actually means alot to me, having been an avid fan of baseball as a kid. There's hard work, and then there's cheating.

Shit like this is not a coincidence.

The BALCO Scandal

In 2003, Bonds became embroiled in a scandal when Greg Anderson of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative, Bonds' trainer since 2000, was indicted by a federal GRAND JURY in the United States Disctric Court of the Northern District of California and charged with supplying Anabolic Steroids to athletes, including a number of baseball players.

This led to speculation that Bonds had used performance-enhancing drugs during a time when there was no mandatory testing in Major League Baseball. Bonds declared his innocence, attributing his changed physique and increased power to a strict regimen of bodybuilding, diet and legitimate supplements.

During grand jury testimony on Dec. 4, 2003 which was later found to be obtained through an illegal leak by Troy Ellerman, a defense lawyer for Victor Conte, to the San Francisco Chronicle (leaking grand jury testimony is a felony, to which Ellerman pleaded guilty to on Feb. 14, 2003) and published almost a year later, on December 3, 2004 Bonds allegedly said Anderson gave him a rubbing balm and a liquid substance that Anderson said was arthritis cream and flaxseed oil, respectively. The prosecutors contended that what Bonds was actually given was "the Cream" and "the Clear", which are both forms of the designer steroid THG.

In August 2005, all four defendants in the BALCO steroid scandal trial, including Anderson, struck deals with federal prosecutors that did not require them to reveal names of athletes who may have used banned drugs.

A "rubbing balm" and "a liquid substance".... dude, anyone can see through that. He was on the god damn juice, anyone who doesn't think so is naive.

13th August 07, 09:04 PM
Come on Chris. You don't think the difference here is due to good old fashioned hard work:

I don't either.

14th August 07, 09:10 PM
Big time * ...
I don't even like Baseball all that much, but this guy is so obviously on the juice it is ridiculous. Not only that, but he is supposed to be a real jerk as a person. Doesn't even practice with his teammates or eat meals with them. Fuck him..

Kein Haar
15th August 07, 07:01 AM
I've never been less excited about a record.

15th August 07, 08:45 AM
It's hard to compare anything with that 300 thing you did with those Spartans.

15th August 07, 03:08 PM
I honestly don't care about baseball.

But there won't be a * because if there was ANY proof of steriod use he would of suspened from the league or fined. Bonds was neither.

Chris, you didn't reach a conclusion with the evidence provided you had a conclusion and very shakily found "evidence" to reach it.

Sun Wukong
15th August 07, 05:38 PM
Plasma, four things:

1. I think you know dick all about sports fans. Like many harshly judged and respected professions, the appearance of wrong doing is just as good as an indictment to alot of people and they have very long memories. People have been talking about Mickey Mantle's drinking problem for 50 years.

Fans don't forget things like that and they don't require as much evidence to think poorly of an athlete as the MLB committee does to penalize them for steroid abuse.

2. Bonds is a dick, and acts kinda nuts on top of that. Alot of fans already think he's a dick, which makes steroid use ALOT easier to believe for people. They already don't want to give him the benefit of the doubt by virtue of being a wanker. Especially when compared to Hank Aaron, who comes across as an especially likeable athlete.

3. I think you know dick all about steroid use. People who are knowledgeable about steroid use know exactly what Bonds was pussyfooting around when he was asked what he was given by his trainer and he responded with a "rubbing balm" and a "clear substance." He's clearly talking about the cream and the clear.

His trainer was convicted of doping athletes with steroids... he wasn't exactly relying on Tiger Balm and herbal medicine.

4. You said yourself, you don't know much about the subject you're making such sweeping suggestions about. so, from the MLB fan base community, I'd like to offer this as my only compromise: STFU N00B!

18th August 07, 12:26 PM
Jimmy Kimbel has a funny clip of Hank Aaron's message to Barry Bonds on his website.


Clip number 17.

30th August 07, 03:48 AM
well Barry still has in excess of 100 more to go if he's to beat Sadaharu Oh's record of 868 homeruns.

You better juice up some more