View Full Version : And he told us of his life in the land of submarines

Tom Kagan
5th August 07, 12:40 PM
I ride a rather large orange boat to work.



I'm heading into work Friday. I'm glancing out at the harbor passing by when I notice a guy swimming between a relatively small inflatable runabout and something nearby the boat which looked a little odd, but I figured was just another small boat. Being a typical New Yorker I don't pay it much mind.

It turns out the other object in the water he was swimming towards was a revolutionary war era replica submarine.

It was September 1776 when a crude submarine known as the "Turtle" failed in its attempt to blow up a British ship in New York Harbor during the Revolutionary War.

Friday, a homemade replica of the Turtle caused its own commotion near the passenger ship Queen Mary 2 anchored off Brooklyn, triggering a massive security alert and landing a controversial New York artist in some trouble.


How many beers does it take before your initial trepidation over a submarine you and your buddies built in your garage turns into "Well, lets see if it works. The harbor's a good spot to try this ...".

Don "Jive Turkey" Gwinn
5th August 07, 02:32 PM
Gotta go to the harbor. Chances are you're going to end up using your homemade wooden submarine as a homemade watery grave, and there's no honor in drowning drunk in a submarine in your backyard above-ground pool.

Getting your homemade death-tub ventilated by .50 cal from a Coast Guard helicopter and dying trapped on the bottom of the harbor, though . . . . you'll be famous on the internet for, like, hours.

5th August 07, 04:26 PM
So you say it is all worth it then!

Hmmm, considering a trip down to NY later this month.