View Full Version : Mr. Hands got a movie.

4th August 07, 06:28 PM
First things first, for those familar with Mr. Hands, this video DOES NOT depict the usual physically repulsive acts associated with his film clips. This clip is the trailer for the movie, Zoo, about his life and eventual death. j


bad credit
4th August 07, 09:41 PM
Holy Jesus tittyfucking Christ, who thought this would be a good idea for a movie? I can only imagine the conversation with the producer. "I want you to borrow me money to make a bio movie about a horsefucker." Gotdamn, I want to see a bio movie just about getting the money to make this flick.

Sun Wukong
5th August 07, 05:22 AM
of all the shit to make a movie about... what the fuck?

5th August 07, 08:10 AM
Boy, was that a shock!

I wandered onto this thread expecting a trailer for a new "Mr. Bill" movie.

5th August 07, 08:35 AM
Are really at a point in society where anyone would actually entertain the idea of making a major motion picture about a man who enjoyed getting reamed by a horse?

5th August 07, 09:32 AM
Oh wow.... my brain locks up if I try to understand why that film exists.

5th August 07, 08:30 PM
i'll watch it.

6th August 07, 12:57 AM

bad credit
6th August 07, 12:59 AM
Well, hang on, if they talk about Tijuana "donkey" shows and discuss that a worldwide sex survey a few years ago discovered that half of Brazilian women have had sex with an animal, then maybe it'd be interesting. I mean, what possesses someone?

6th August 07, 01:03 AM
A horsecock, in this case.

6th August 07, 08:03 PM
Now what would really be awesome is "Mr. Hands: The Musical!".

6th August 07, 11:50 PM
It should be called: "Mr. Hands meets Mr. Ed: A Modern Love Story"