View Full Version : McDonalds Manager, Her Fiance, Teenage Girl, Mystery Voice, Security Camera- WTF?!

4th August 07, 02:25 PM
Apparently this is old, but I never saw it when it came out.

What the fuck?!


4th August 07, 03:34 PM
I don't understand what the fuck was going on there.

Yiktin Voxbane
4th August 07, 03:56 PM
Old is correct, still creepy though .

4th August 07, 04:13 PM
Yeah... not something I wanted to remember...

4th August 07, 04:25 PM
What? I wanna know who the mystery caller is!!

4th August 07, 04:42 PM
and why the fuck they were listening to him.

4th August 07, 04:48 PM
If I remember correctly, the mystery caller really was a cop, though obviously he wasn't operating in any official capacity when he did this. He was a pervert who got off on pulling this shit. He got caught eventually. Apparently this wasn't an isolated incident.

If I have time a little later, I'll do a bit of googling and try to find the whole story.

4th August 07, 05:16 PM
Everyone involved is an idiot. To a massive degree.