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25th July 07, 09:44 PM
So during my regular trolling around on the internet I came across this fantastic game:


http://www.bulletballgames.com/images/marcgriffin.jpgBulletBall and BulletBall Extreme were invented by Marc Griffin. After spending over 20 years (BulletBall years) as a manager making millions for major corporations across America, Marc Griffin decided in 2004 to "step out of the box" and work towards realizing his own dreams. It was then that BulletBall moved from being a hobby to becoming his "job". To look back at one's life when retirement is just around the corner and wonder if things would have been different if "you had only taken the risk" is not the vision Marc wants for himself. It's a personal choice.

BulletBall is a high caliber tablegame uniquely designed for the 21st century lifestyle. It is age neutral, gender neutral, and may be played indoors or outdoors. It is easy to store and transport with removable siderails. This allows BulletBall to be used as a multi-purpose table for casual dining, playing cards, and even doing your homework! It's a game that's simply great fun for the entire family. The rules restrict physical play by setting boundaries which removes some of the "competitive edge" that may develop when a game is physical in nature and it also slows down the velocity of the ball.

BulletBall Extreme is a new sport. It is highly competitive, reflex intensive, and may be played while standing or sitting, the choice is yours. It is a spirited contest both physically and mentally. BulletBall Extreme has been endorsed by professional athletes, physicians and the physically challenged because of its wheelchair friendly design.

BulletBall and BulletBall Extreme can be enjoyed in recretational facilities, rehabilitation centers, universities, colleges, dorm rooms, sports bars, and in the home.

Sounds great, yeah? Seriously, this is one of the most retarded games that I have ever seen. The game is basically a glorified version of what kids have done for ages playing in kindergarten: let's see who can knock this crap off of the table first.

Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks that the game isn't exactly Olympic caliber:


Surprisingly, they must be making some money since they have a website (http://www.bulletballgames.com/index.html) and seem to be able to sell "sets" for $399. I guess that's good to see since judging by the video, he threw away his life in pursuit of his dream.

Oh, and don't miss BulletBall EXTREME (http://www.bulletballgames.com/bulletballgamesX.html). Man, it don't get more hardcore than that!!

Judah Maccabee
25th July 07, 11:30 PM
At risk of sounding like a pussy, I felt like crying for that guy when "business-suit judge" rejected his idea. I don't care if it was millions or thousands the guy was making every year, but he apparently put it all on the line right there, and couldn't handle the rejection.

26th July 07, 12:43 AM
I could see this game easily getting out of hand. I don't see it replacing the pool table or ping pong anytime soon.

Dagon Akujin
28th July 07, 06:27 PM

28th July 07, 06:54 PM

29th July 07, 01:57 AM
Wow. It's like ping-pong, only stupid.

Dagon Akujin
29th July 07, 12:39 PM
Wow. It's like ping-pong, only stupid.


30th July 07, 08:39 PM
I felt kind of sad. The man put everything into his dream, and it got crushed. I hope he does alright.

30th July 07, 09:49 PM
McClaw - you're such a nice boy. What did that guy think?!

Dagon Akujin
30th July 07, 09:59 PM
I felt kind of sad. The man put everything into his dream, and it got crushed. I hope he does alright.

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Robot Jesus
31st July 07, 12:07 PM
everyone in this thread is getting rep.

31st July 07, 02:46 PM
Going in: I have bullet ball.

Going out: I have a bullet.

Judah Maccabee
31st July 07, 03:36 PM
This video isn't exactly as bad as two teenage girls trying to light a kitten on fire or the mother who gave her kid ecstasy, but it's still depressing to watch. Jesus, it's not even like the guy was an arrogant dick or anything - he had a healthy confidence that he could make his game into something and he got totally crushed.

31st July 07, 03:46 PM
I feel bad watching the video too, but seriously, that game sucks.

31st July 07, 04:22 PM
The idea might be fun if the table was bigger, and had a 3D element to it, and some obstacles and stuff. Kind of like competative pin ball.

31st July 07, 04:33 PM
It would work better as a video game.


31st July 07, 04:49 PM
That's MY line!

31st July 07, 07:42 PM
I feel the love, thanks RJ

Maybe I'll have a bulletball b-day party this year....

28th August 07, 03:24 AM
I could only imagine attempting to play this stupid game drunk, and breaking my hand on one of the 3 edges of this table.

28th August 07, 03:45 AM
I offer player's insurance, but you have to bring your own hip hop band to the party.

28th August 07, 10:58 PM
What a moron. THAT was 26 years in the making? he didn't put shit into that and it shows.

29th August 07, 04:18 AM
I wish I had 26 years to blow on something. I would probably be able to cure cancer or make cars that ran solely on magic.

Judah Maccabee
29th August 07, 08:55 AM
Have you guys watched the videos on the site? He has a chiropractor say that bulletball gives a full-body workout and should be an Olympic sport.

29th August 07, 11:25 AM
I wish I had 26 years to blow on something. I would probably be able to cure cancer or make cars that ran solely on magic.

Check out what this guy did with a year-and-a-half. Well, that and some 30 years of building engines...