View Full Version : F.E.A.R. Extractin Point Review

21st July 07, 11:23 PM
This is the review for the expansion pack for F.E.A.R., not the original game.


Starts off where the previous one left off. You are on the chopper and Alma climbs up. You all go down and when you wake up, you Holiday, and Jin have to get out. Radio contact is out for some reason, so you can only communicate with each other.


Same mechanics, but different atmosphere. Since there is no fatass to tell you what to do anymore, it's a lot more survival/horror than before. More ghostly sequences and they are generally better. Some items now come in crates, but good luck remembering to look for them. I found a LOT less reflex and health boosters in this game. The game is also pretty short... I was kind of dissapointed.

But it's definately scarier. They really improved on that. Also, some parts of the game (mostly in the beginning) are in an open area, which changes things a bit. It's hard to tell where people are shooting from and they can flank you easier, which makes it more difficult. In fact, the entire game is harder than the previous one. I admit, I cheated. I used codes to get all the weapons. I didn't feel like fussing around. But even then I noticed that it was a lot harder than the first one.


You get a minigun and a laser gun here. Also a mini-turret that fires at your enemies. Honestly, the minigun has too low of an accuracy to be put to good use. Your slowmo becomes pointless. The laser gun is super accurate, no recoil. It's pretty strong, but it drains ammo really fast. I still think the dual handguns are the best weapons. Powerful shots, a decent amount of ammo per clip, and good accuracy. Too bad you hardly find any ammo for them.

The turrets are alright. Enemies have to be pretty close for them to be targetted. They're also useful because enemies will target them , so you can find their position or use the distraction to shoot them up.

I think I counted about 6 enemy types total in the game. Some you only see a few times, and again you mostly see regular old grunts. Still no bosses.


This game is like Highlander: 80% style. No real substance. The difference is that Highlander was like 2 hours long, so you didn't even notice until later. With this game it gets annoying really fast. And I mean with both the xpack and the original. There are so many things hinted at and never explained.

I mean, God damn, at one point I am told I will have to make a choice soon. I never have to. Turns out I'm the son of the ghost bitch in the game and the older brother of the clone overloard. Doesn't matter one bit. Honestly, they set up for this huge climax and then just shove a dick in your ass. "Game over, thanks for playing!"

It's never explained what the ghost bitch and the clone dude want.

It's never explained why they bothered to keep you alive and are telling you things.

You find out NOTHING about yourself, even though you were an experiment.

They keep hinting that you are important, but nothing ever comes out of it.


Slightly better use of graphics and a bit scarier. Everything else pretty much stays the same. No real plot. This is to FEAR as to what "VR Missions" was to MGS.

Final Score: 2/5