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14th July 07, 10:18 PM
It's been a while since I've done a review, and I'm bored but can't be arsed to do a film review. Therefore you get an album review instead. Enjoy or don't, I'm just waiting for an episode to load from TV Links.


Live Fast, Die Never is the soundtrack from the Joss Whedon series Angel, and is the 4th and, to date, final album to emerge from the Buffyverse. Unlike the others it is primarily score tracks, nineteen of the twenty-five tracks being original scored compositions for the series, the rest being songs that appeared in the series.

1. Sanctuary (Main Theme Extended Remix) - Darling Violetta
2. Start The Apocalypse
3. End of The World
4. Massive Assault
5. Home
6. Hero
7. Judgment and Jousting
8. Birth of Angelus
9. Rebellion
10. Trials For Darla
11. Dreaming of Darla
12. Untouched/Darla's Fire
13. Darla's Sacrifice
14. Welcome to Pylea
15. Through The Looking Glass
16. Castle Attack
17. Cordy Meets Fred
18. Princess Cordelia
19. Farewell Cordelia
20. I'm Game - Christophe Beck
21. Touched - VAST
22. LA Song - Christian Kane
23. Lady Marmalade - Andy Hallet
24. It's Not Easy Being Green - Andy Hallet
25. A Place Called Home - Kim Richey

Unaccredited tracks orginal scores by Robert J. Kral.

The weakest link in the album are the actual songs from the series (Tracks 21 - 25), they seem 'tacked on' to the album as an afterthought. Although fans might enjoy Andy Hallet's songs (he played club owning demon Lorne in the series) the inclusion of these tracks detracts from the impact of the album and would have been better omitted.

The rest of the album are orginal works for the series, and for the album itself in the case of Sanctuary, which is an extended piece based on the series' theme. Sanctuary impresses greatly, and although vastly different to the scored pieces works well as a stand-alone song. It show cases Darling Violetta's trademark soundscape and is a song that currently lives on my wind-down playlist.

The scored pieces can be split into two distinct groups, the heavier, more dramatic pieces reminiscent of classical marches, and the quieter, more lamenting pieces. The more dramatic pieces are intrinsically linked to the action they were scored to, and as such don't tend to work well as standalone tracks but they can make for ideal background music depending on your activity.

The final grouping of tracks, the quieter scored pieces are the true gems of this album. Unlike the dramatic scored pieces they don't seem locked to visuals and can therefore be heard as standalone pieces. Here is where Kral greatly impressed me, the pieces are wonderful, reminding me of Beethoven and Barber; a quiet dignity infuses them, making them more than background noise for a weekly TV show, rather revealing them as pieces that were previous trapped in that role. Of particular note is the track Princess Cordelia which seems to bleed pure tragedy in audio form, putting itself alongside Barber's Agnus Dei, Tyler's Dune Messiah (Children of Dune OST) and Parker's Almost Matyrs (The Life of David Gale OST) as one of the most emotive pieces of music I've ever heard.

In the modern age of film scores being another form of music for our lives (a trend made popular, but not started by The Lord of The Rings Trilogy) LFDN certainly is strong enough to deserve a place in the CD collection of anyone with a taste for movie scores.

I never really got into the series itself, series one was stale and I only caught the occasional episode afterwards, however the ability of Kral to create imagery with music certainly makes me consider rewatching the entire series. His compositions are in stark contrast to the relative stale compositions of Christophe Beck who scored BTVS. This is easily one of the better examples of a series soundtrack, comparable in standard to the soundtracks of Children of Dune, Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5.

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Your taste in music is shit. Listen to the hep jive I've posted here (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=57147) instead.

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I did listen to that.

It sucked more than the celebrities in the spam we get constantly in the Videos and MP3 forum.

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You can't really say Spirits of Rhythm was bad when what you listen to is as bland as a Kid's Bob album. Whoever wrote that shit didn't deserve a fucking dime for it, it's so goddamn boring.

By the way, there's another jazz album posted later in the thread, and a collection of Animaniacs songs after that.

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Oh, goody.