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12th July 07, 09:47 AM
Good news is Vin Diesel is no where in sight. Bad news is there will be a Hitman movie.

In the movie, Timothy Olyphant plays Agent 47, a professional assassin for hire, who is ensnared in a political conspiracy, which finds him pursued by both Interpol and the Russian military as he treks across Eastern Europe. hired by a group known as “The Agency” to kill targets for cash. Hitman is helmed by french director Xavier Gens. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters on October 12th 2007.

Because I am such a fan of the series, I'm not particularly pleased with the prospects. The game's story and concept make for a good movie, but a simple action shooter isn't good enough for its execution. Unless 47 is the monster in the film like Batman is in Nolan's outting, the film is only going to be a nominal success. Opinions.

Here's the trailer and they do play Schubert's Ave Maria in it.

12th July 07, 10:09 AM
Would be better as a series, IMO. One episode, one hit. And with the real fucking David Bateson playing 47, dammit!

12th July 07, 11:35 AM
Yeah, I'd like to see Bateson in it. I wouldn't mind seeing it then.

12th July 07, 11:51 AM
I see him regularly playing in the theatre. The man can act. Shame he doesn't have any kind of name. :(

12th July 07, 12:36 PM
Agent 47 is being played by the bad guy from Die Hard 4? But he's a pussy!!!

12th July 07, 12:55 PM
Would be better as a series, IMO. One episode, one hit. And with the real fucking David Bateson playing 47, dammit!

It's better as just a game series.

12th July 07, 12:58 PM
This is likely going to be a Bond ripoff.

He's going to keep his hair, and score a chick. NOT 47 material.

12th July 07, 01:06 PM
Watched the trailer. He SO does not look the part. Not his face or his physique. 47 is a pretty huge motherfucker (he's gotta be, or he couldn't murder all those people with simple instruments and drag their corpses around like they were rag dolls) and the guy in the video looks like a pansy. Also agree with Loops on the dame part.

47 is, essentially, a monster. That's what's so awesome-cool about him. I bet they're gonna make this an emo-movie, same way they faggoted LOTR up so badly.

12th July 07, 01:12 PM
I liked LOTR, but I agree about this movie. He will redeem himself in the end and become a good guy somehow. Just the fact that he will contemplate about his life will be too much. I wouldn't call him a monster, since it implies he is evil, but definately a machine.

Unless it's something like the Bourne saga, where the focus is on the people trying to catch him and he just ruins their shit.

12th July 07, 03:52 PM
I don't think Vin Diesel would have made it better, yeah, he's buff but he can't act.

12th July 07, 03:54 PM
That was the good news.

12th July 07, 04:30 PM
I would almost rather see Vin than who they did pick. big, bald, and no-talent versus small, lame, and whiny?

No talent plz. this movie is probably going to be stupid anyway, all video-game movies are.

At least with Vin some shit would blow up and he'd look all badass. They might as well have cast Tobey Macguire or some shit.

yeah, just watched the trailer. dude looks silly bald, and does NOT looked anywhere near pissed enough.

12th July 07, 04:36 PM
47 never looked pissed, though. He was cold, yet tense. But never really angry.

12th July 07, 04:36 PM
This movie is going to suck shit. The actor looks out of place and too young. Statham would've been a logical choice.

12th July 07, 04:43 PM
Agreed. But somebody would have to sandblast Stathams face, he's got a perpetual 5 o'clock shadow.

edit: lol, looking for a picture of a pissed off Agent 47, i found this:

12th July 07, 05:44 PM

12th July 07, 07:50 PM
I wouldn't accept anyone, but Clive Owen. A movie is still a bad idea. Has any seen the diretor's movies?

12th July 07, 08:42 PM
The good news is it's not being done by Uwe Boll

13th July 07, 08:12 AM
Statham is wrong as well. Gravelly voice, wrong accent.

Yiktin Voxbane
13th July 07, 10:44 AM
Christopher Walken has the voice .....

13th July 07, 10:56 AM
So does Bateson.

13th July 07, 11:10 AM
This is not much of an argument, but Bateson isn't a box office draw. Studioes appeal to more than just fans. With, urp, Olyphant in the lead they assume people will say," hey that's the asshole sheriff from Deadwood/ the asshole killer from Scream 2/ the asshole bad guy from Live Free or Die Hard/ the asshole drug dealer in A Man Apart/ the asshole boyfriend in Catch and Release/ the asshole detective in Gone in Sixty seconds/ the asshole drug dealer from Go."

vs. "That's the guy who does the voice from the Beck's beer commercial and the game which I never played."

5 bucks says Bateson's in the movie as a target.

The good news is it's not being done by Uwe Boll

You get a cookie.

13th July 07, 01:06 PM
Statham is wrong as well. Gravelly voice, wrong accent.
Statham could pull of the the look but not the voice.

But I agree with others, David Bateson would have been the best choice.