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5th July 07, 06:02 AM
Since I know a few folks around here like to play web games, this might be worth doing if you're going to play the games anyway.




Must have a Windows Live ID. US only.

5th July 07, 11:12 AM
I like how 1 song download is 105 tickets and 5 song downloads is 525.

5th July 07, 11:22 AM
I just looked over the "games". They're all shit. Fucking word searches and word descramblers? What the hell is that?

5th July 07, 11:27 AM
I just looked over the "games". They're all shit. Fucking word searches and word descramblers? What the hell is that?

Well, for some folks they are games, and they find them fun. For you, though, I think they are probably something you can find a bot program to figure out in a matter of minutes and quickly rack up points towards that xbox 360...

9th July 07, 02:37 AM
I got this from another forum:

This > everytenminutes because there is no drawings...just earn tickets and order stuff. Everything from songs to 360s.

*The legit way*

Play any of the 10 or so little games they have that are made to help MS promote their Live search engine. Earn 5-25 points per game then use those points to purchase MS related items (Vista Ultimate is 6k points, a Zune is 20k points).


*The Right Way* (AKA cheat)

download and use the bot to play for you:

http://livemacro.googlepages.com/index.html (I did not develop this macro. Donate to him if you appreciate it!)

help files:
updated flexicon pack with more answers:
there is also this but don't think it is as updated:
chicktionary help - http://www.thewordfinder.com/scrabble.php (anagram solver)
clink answers: http://www.aljaud.com/pics/clink/

1. play games and/or cheat (cheat at your own risk)
2. order toys
3. profit
4. rinse and repeat


Some FAQs...

- the macro in the OP doesn't work for me.

Make sure you follow the directions. Also, make sure you try using IE when doing it. Some people have reported it working in other browsers but IE is suggested on the macros direction page. For those that don't realize, using the macro, you can't move your mouse or windows while it is working away. Once you start it up you have to leave it. Have a separate window open with the main club.live page open so you can see your current points...if it is working you should see them update after each cycle. If it isn't working try again a couple times. Try a different game. Try restarting you pc or maybe just IE. Be sure you read the directions and follow them. If none of that helps and it still doesn't work for you here is a link with a few others people have been reporting work for them too: http://clublive.pbwiki.com/Bots

- how many points are possible? Can I get the xbox? Why do some people have more points for chicktionary than I can get?

It seems MS has already capped some of the games and may be doing it to more. Meaning you may have been able to get 7k+ tickets on chicktionary before it "capped out" before but now it looks closer to 1k. Will it change later to get more? Who knows and it could even go down more. Same with all the games. No one has been able to get enough points for the xbox bundle yet partially because of the caps but also because there aren't enough games. MS probably didn't think they needed that many possible points yet as getting that many manually (read legit) would take a long long time. Maybe they have more games coming or maybe they will lift the caps but who knows. Maybe they are getting pissed and will close it all down. BTW Maybe you should use the Live search engine to show support lol ;)

- what should I get? Can I take Vista back to walmart and get cash/credit?

Who the hell knows...it's up to you. The basic math says that getting Vista is a better deal as it is only 6k points and valued at about $400. Can you sell it for that or return it somewhere and get creidt? Who knows...depends on a few things. Depends if it is a full retail version and not marked "not for resale" or tagged in some way. Depends on your social engineering skills and/or store policies. Depends if the market is flooded for ebay/craigslist. But 3 copies of vista could potentially be worth more than a zune.

- will they send me what I order if I "cheat"?

That's part of the risk. Others have gotten away with sneaky stuff in the past and things shipped. In the end, they are still getting exposure for their Live search engine and "free" advertising regardless so maybe they don't care as long as they get eyes on Live and new users in the end. For all we know, they are getting more exposure because of these macros than they would have if only "legit" players were playing. But then again they could get pissed and shut it down, cancel orders and try to scare you for fraud. Odds of everyone using sketchy methods to get tickets having legal problems? Not very high since this is already on pretty much every major board out there and there are probably tens of thousands trying to figure out how to use the macros as you are reading this lol.

- how long has this promo been going on?
couple months now but I don't know the exact date. I don't know when it ends either. But maybe you can get off your lazy ass while your bot is playing for you and read the TOS and find out on your own?

- how long will the macro/bots/answers work?
no one knows but it's obvious MS knows something is going on as we can see with them lowering the caps on the amount of points you can get with games. They may do something that breaks all the bots today. They may shut the promo down. Or they may just try to slow down the craziness and let it go to the end.

- wtf they aren't shipping for 2 months!!?!?!1
that is general legal bs. They are stating they will ship by that date but that doesn't mean they will wait that long to ship. Most people that have already gotten stuff from them on other sites have been reporting 1-3 weeks. BUT with the influx of people ordering and the amount they are, odds are things will actually get backordered and could take longer. So in the end, who the hell knows when they will ship. If they will ship ;). Maybe by that point they will see all the people taking advantage and scrap the whole thing. But it's free and even shipping is free so stop whining.

Some people having problems getting the macro to work/run. I have no idea if it works with vista or only XP or what. No idea if it will work with anything but IE either. Here are the steps I used to get it working for those that need step by step:

Couple things:

- be sure once you start it up that you don't move the mouse. Let it do it's thing.
- make sure you follow all the steps to the end
- make sure you are using IE?

Here is a step by step for flexicon that works for me in IE.

1. login to the club.live site with IE
2. start up the macro
3. choose flexicon game and hit play (new game window should pop up)
4. hit the "play new game" bar (game should start)
5. answer one of the questions
5b. all the answers should be in that rar file in the first post. Teh way you find the answers is look for the orange question on the game window. The first letter of the orange question correlates with the letter of the folder in the answer rar. For example orange question "Artists Canvas" answers are in the A folder...then find the "Artists Canvas" folder and open up the images. Match up the image to the page.
5c. once you enter the answer for one of the lines (say 2 across) you have to hit the little magnifying glass to get the points. Once you do that you should get a percentage complete in top right corner like maybe 3% after one answer
6. go to the macro and type that number (just the number, not the "%") and hit enter. It will probably tell you that it needs more and to do another answer. Go back and repeat step 5 for a different question and come back to the macro with the new percentage. Most of the time it takes 3 times so probably repeat one more time.
7. it should then ask you how many games you want to play. Put something like 100 to start and hit enter.
8. the macro should tell you to skip out of the current game so do that. Hit "skip", then hit "quit", then hit the "play again" button.
9. position the mouse pointer over the "play new game" bar and don't move the mouse again after that.
10. for flexicon the hotkeys are ctrl + 1, hit that combo and the macro should start up.
11. let it set and watch it go through the cycles. You should see the macro go through the games every 30 seconds or so and if you have the part of the page visible with your points you should see that update after each game as well.
After it goes through all the cycles or once you start getting errors in the macro you probably played the max for that game...hit ctrl + 7 to stop the cycles if needed and then repeat with a different game (using the new games hot keys).

9th July 07, 02:44 AM
Posted, but great add on.

*merged threads*

9th July 07, 02:47 AM
You should just get rid of the first post and use mine as the initial thread. I already saw this thread, but I thought it deserved its own thread.

9th July 07, 02:50 AM
It's the same thing and he mentioned bots.

9th July 07, 02:53 AM
Also, it took me all of 30 minutes to get the bot working and running and getting myself 9000 tickets.

10th July 07, 12:46 PM
Thanks Sushi for the free mp3 player that I earned while sleeping!

Your order is confirmed!
Confirmation number 26004xxxxx
Please print this page for your records. You will receive an email confirmation shortly.
Order Details Microsoft Zune1In StockEstimated ship date 9/4/2007
Standard Shipping (6 8 weeks) is free!

10th July 07, 10:50 PM
goddamn, are there even enough puzzles out to earn the 360?

10th July 07, 10:53 PM
Why? You think it sucks.

13th July 07, 01:09 AM
Thanks Sushi for the free mp3 player that I earned while sleeping!

You're welcome.

13th July 07, 08:49 PM
Hadn't seen that before. Pretty neat

13th July 07, 09:50 PM
Is anyone else unable to earn tickets with macros?

13th July 07, 09:58 PM
how do i report spam again?