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4th July 07, 12:29 AM

Study this video CAREFULLY... OVER & OVER. Please send sincere comments and rate it. The audio is nonsensical, yet actually appropriate. Note fading of power lines at times. There are MANY, MANY faces and bodies, adult and child, travelling caravan-style to an evening portal to exit our dimension. I have 100's of others, it's not a fluke. I have it all, clear images of the portals, the vehicles in which they traverse, and the aliens themselves. Sounds crazy, but it is true. Many forms and expressions but always one thing in common... two eyes. They will respond interactively to your unspoken requests such as "turn toward me", "smile", "change your form" etc. In short, they are INTELLIGENT life with capabilities far superior to ours. You can monitor their communications on an ordinary household receiver if you know how. Big $ spent on NASA and SETI (unsuccessfully) are unnecessary. I have photos of daytime portals which are exactly and inexplicably depicted in many world famous artworks by several renaissance masters, proving that this life has co-habitted our planet for centuries, hidden within our plain sight just as many animals utilize camouflage to blend with their environments. Your eye/brain is programmed to ignore/not perceive images which you have been conditioned to believe as impossible or illogical in nature, rendering them essentially invisible to you. If a complex unusual image looks similar to a common known one, the latter is what you will see. I have nighttime video of another type portal in action which will challenge accepted laws of physics. Portals only exist in specific locales which are somehow unique. The best live viewing times are early morning and two hours preceding dusk every day. Note changes in clouds at these times on many days. Experts admit that the science of cloud formation and behavior is poorly understood and often mysterious. Read up on bizarre cloud happenings over the years...there have been many. These aliens are all about peace and they want to be recognized by us. They exhibit individual personalities and even humor. On some days, watch clouds disappear one by one into the exact same spot in the sky. You may even discern two distinct "teams" that are fighting or competing in Olympic-type events. Our most ancient ancestors left us records of this for their future (us) to rediscover, but our ego has prevented us from reading their messages correctly. I can show that they were not primitive or ignorant as often believed by modern science, and I can re-interpret the story that they wanted us to know. There are many other misunderstood truths that will impact many fields of science and embarrass experts who refuse to think out of the box. There are other types of alien life all around us which I can prove beyond any doubt. Open your minds to possibilities and you'll see reality. Ridicule this and you'll shut out the reality of the Universe.


The comments on YouTube are quite good....?

4th July 07, 01:36 AM
Damm. I need some of that acid.

Sun Wukong
4th July 07, 01:47 AM
Yep. That kid is tripping balls.

4th July 07, 06:31 PM
I'm convinced.