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2nd July 07, 01:34 AM
A 15-year-old boy who had been arguing with his mother shot at deputies arriving at the family's home, killing one and seriously wounding the other, authorities said.

The teen, Tyler Dumstorf, was found early Tuesday inside the home, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot, police said.

Prosecutor Keith Henderson said that minutes after the deputies were shot late Monday, Dumstorf posted a message on his MySpace page saying: "I just killed two cops. Goodbye."

The deputies had gone to the southern Indiana home Monday evening to investigate a call from the teen's mother about a confrontation with her son.

"There was nothing to indicate to the officers that it was anything more than a routine domestic call," Henderson said. He said the boy had been due in court Tuesday on a misdemeanor marijuana charge, adding that hearing was part of the discussion with his mother.

As the officers were talking to his mother and an aunt in the driveway, the boy fired from an upstairs window, striking each deputy in the back, Henderson said.

Deputy Frank Denzinger, a four-year veteran of the sheriff's department, died hours after the shooting, Floyd County Sheriff Darrell Mills said. Deputy Joel White, who has been with the department 17 months, was hospitalized Tuesday in serious condition, Mills said.

Sheriff's Lt. Frank Loop said the boy's mother was not injured.

Dumstorf had just completed his freshman year at Floyd Central High School in nearby Floyds Knobs, said school spokesman Dave Rarick. He gave no other information about the boy, citing federal privacy laws.

Entries on Dumstorf's MySpace page indicated he was an honors student and that he liked classic rock.




2nd July 07, 01:40 AM
Follow up article:

Friends of Tyler Dumstorf — many frustrated with the media portrayal of the 15-year-old gunman involved in Monday’s shooting melee with police — remembered him as a normal kid who liked to play a popular war video game and frequent a gun range with his father.

Shooting and killing one Floyd County Sheriff’s Department deputy and seriously injuring another before turning a gun on himself was the last thing those familiar with the Floyd Central High School sophomore-to-be would ever have imagined possible.

“He loved to shoot guns, it was one of his hobbies, but it never appeared to me that such a good kid like him would go off and do something like this,” said 15-year-old Taylor Sapp, of Greenville, a classmate of Dumstorf’s.

“He was a very nice kid; he got along with most people,” Sapp said. “He was an A-B student.”

Dennis Brooks, New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corp. superintendent, said privacy-law restrictions meant there was little he could say about Dumstorf.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the community. I am saddened and shocked by the event,” Brooks said. “Due to privacy issues, I can’t talk about the student. I can’t give any specific information.

“We currently have summer school, and we will be responsive to the needs to students (who may need counseling). We have a crisis team in place and if there is a need, we will address it.”

John Avera — a friend of Dumstorf’s who moved to Jasper two years ago — was one of several well-wishers who left posthumous messages on the 15-year-old’s MySpace site Tuesday.

Authorities said Dumstorf posted a MySpace message within three minutes of Monday’s shooting, saying: “I just killed two cops. Goodbye.”

“Why did you do it? When I left, u (sic) were still talking about joining the Army and killing terrorists, not police officers,” Avera wrote on the site. “What happened? When I heard the news, I couldn’t believe it was you. Im (sic) still in shock.”

Others interviewed said Dumstorf talked about joining the military and would go almost monthly with his father, James, to the Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Ky.

He also was reportedly an avid video game player who bragged about getting a top 100 score in the X-Box 360 game “Gears of War.” A violent game with a “mature” rating, “Gears of War” depicts soldiers of the fictional Delta Squad fighting to save human inhabitants of the fictional planet Sera.

If he had a dark side, those familiar with him said, it was a temper, growing tension with his mother and recreational drug use celebrated in a cartoon image of Jimi Hendrix with a large joint and the phrase “bring back the ’70s” on his MySpace site.

Dumstorf was scheduled to appear in court Tuesday and face possible misdemeanor charges for possession of marijuana, authorities said.

A woman from the rural neighborhood lit up with the flashing lights of dozens of police cruisers Monday night said she and her husband discouraged their two boys from hanging around Dumstorf because she heard he was using drugs.


2nd July 07, 01:40 AM

2nd July 07, 02:30 AM
His only mistake was not making sure the second one was dead.

2nd July 07, 02:48 AM
“He was a very nice kid; he got along with most people,” Sapp said. “He was an A-B student.”

Yeah he was a nice kid, except for the fact that he shot two cops.

And there are no terrorists in the world, except for the ones who blew up the world trade center, bombed london, bali, embassies across Africa and southeast Asia, and Madrid.

Yeah nice kid wish there were more like him.

2nd July 07, 03:51 AM

His myspace page check it out for the lulz. I love how people keep posting comments on it like he's gonna read them, wait, I guess not since he's dead.

2nd July 07, 08:58 AM

Why was the kid freaking out over the cops showing up to arrest not nominated as a M.O.?

2nd July 07, 01:40 PM
Wow, that article is like a "Who's who" of what's infecting the youth of America: drugs, video games, rock and roll, myspace, guns- man, throw a little teen pregnancy in there and this kid would be the news story of the decade. As it stands there will deffinatly be a USA Network made for TV movie.

3rd July 07, 09:09 AM
It's like the sun coming up in the morning. Every time a kid shoots someone, some retarded asshole is going to say; "He was a nice kid." Some people are so stupid they should need a permit to talk.

3rd July 07, 09:11 AM
He most likely WAS a nice and likeable kid up to the point when he snapped.

Sun Wukong
3rd July 07, 11:29 AM
My question is where did he get the fucking gun. Either the parent's fucked up and left the thing out where he could get to it or he stole it from someone too god damn stupid to keep it out of reach.

3rd July 07, 03:43 PM
So you didn't read the article?

He went shooting regularly, it's a rural area, he probably had his own gun. It's not all that amazing that he got his hands on a gun.

11th July 07, 02:20 PM
Yeah he was a nice kid, except for the fact that he shot two cops.

And there are no terrorists in the world, except for the ones who blew up the world trade center, bombed london, bali, embassies across Africa and southeast Asia, and Madrid.

Yeah nice kid wish there were more like him.

Those Terrorists being the US Government.